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Monday, 2 September 2013

Receipts vs. Bank Statements

Today I realised where my priorities lie, and not in the good sense. A rainy Monday morning with nothing else to do other than clean out my diary which seemed like it would explode if I ever tried to open it. Rummaging through I found scrap pieces of paper with random numbers on it, messy lists that I wrote myself on what to do that day, and most importantly- receipts. Mountains and mountains of receipts. All with varied colours, all from different shops, and all showcasing the items I had bought. As I was clearing out my black abyss of a planner, the post came through in the form of a bank statement. I quickly scanned it trying not to focus too much on the ridiculous (and may I add, sometimes unnecessary) amount of money I had spent that month, while tossing it underneath my bed. You know, where one always keeps important documents. (Like I said, 'organised scatterbrain.')

Let's way up the value factor here; who would prefer to look at a looooong and dull report of all the money you had thrown away in 30-odd little days, rather than collect shiny pieces of paper that reminded you of the rush you received when purchasing said item. Not me, that's for sure. I'm sure we've all been there, having a crappy day and then turning round mid-walk and been mesmerised by a pair of shoes. Now I don't know whether I had been watching too much Sex and the City at this point, and my Carrie was trying to burst through, comforting me that THESE shoes (and only these £60 shoes) would lift my spirits. So I bought them. And did I feel guilty? Not one little bit. That rush of buying and shopping is indescribable... to try the item on, strike a pose in and (although it is my least favourite part) hand over the money. When you finally lift the bag off the counter, collect your change and clasp that shiny beacon of proof...the receipt. These shoes are yours, no one else's.

So, it got me thinking. What would happen if every time I was feeling down or a bit sad, I just bought things. Don't get me wrong, in the long run it would take its toll, mountains of money being spent on impulsive items. But really I''m not buying the item as such, I'm spending the money to get that rush. The rush of excitement that only shopping can buy. As crazy as it sounds though, my fellow-shopaholics will be able to relate to my shallow pick-me-up.

"Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life"


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