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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Competition of Perfection

As I slap on my make up for what seems like the 50th time this week, I started to contemplate over the image of perfection in this world. One minute we’re claiming that we all ‘love curvy woman who don’t care what they look like’ but when guys are faced with the decision over some skinny supermodel and your everyday average girl, who is he really going to pick?

I continue to look at my face in the mirror trying to fathom out which category of ‘girl’ I fit into… a pretty girl, an ugly girl, or one of those in between ones where you’re told ‘you have a nice personality.’ I continue to tell myself that I’m not ugly, that when I angle the mirror so that it’s looking down on me, it accentuates my cheekbones…when in reality I’m disguising a multiple of sins, especially every girl’s worst nightmare- the killer double chin. Now, I know I don’t fit into the first category (only stuck up bitches fit into the ‘pretty girl’ one, or so I tried to delude myself with anyway.) Which leaves me with the latter- a ‘nice personality…’
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being one of these girls, but when standing next to a beautiful woman we just blend into the background of a society where we’re obsessed with looks and opinions. But in reality, we don’t dress ourselves for guys, we dress to impress other woman. There’s nothing worse than walking around town in your brand new outfit, feeling like a million dollars (well, let’s face it we should…it near enough cost it) and seeing someone else wearing the exact same thing…looking a million times better.

We all magnify the flaws of ourselves to no end, until we start to believe that we do have ‘tree trunk thighs’ when really, a size 14 pair of jeans is not exactly obese-size material. In this society we continue to change ourselves from the person we are underneath all the layers… but wiping away the nine coats of mascara or taking off the high-heels, there is always a girl feeling self-conscious of herself. That’s the thing about society nowadays; we continue to change our perception on what is regarded as ‘beautiful’. One week it is Marilyn Monroe- style girls, the next it is shaping your eyebrows somewhat to the shape of Cara Delevinge.And do guys change these fashion trends or come right out and ask us to mould into someone else? No. Like I said ladies, we dress to look good for one another. And, as shallow as it may seem, it’s a competition. A very harsh one at that.

So there we have it, my preaching for today. "Love yourselves as you are…" and all that crap. No seriously, love those tree trunk things, love that double chin, and love whichever category you fall into. It’s all very well saying this though,when I know for a fact tomorrow I’ll be growling the face off the next bitch who decides to wear the same Topshop dress as me. It's my catwalk, not yours. But, negative thoughts aside, I take a deep sigh and continue to blend in my foundation, ransacking my brain for what outfit will make me look skinniest today.

It really is a vicious circle in this materialistic world.


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