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Friday, 17 October 2014

How To Tackle An Argument (Sort Of!)

I hate arguments. Seriously. I'm pretty much the least confrontational person on the planted...until someone pushes my wrong buttons and then I'm pretty much gone. Yep, I (like nearly every other female on the planet) let my emotions get the better of me.


So, if you're like me (and that means that no matter the subject of argument, you are ALWAYS right) heres the perfect 5- step 'DON'T' remedy for all those hot-headed moments...

1. Don't interrupt when the other person is speaking. 

2. Don't patronise.

3. Don't bring up previous arguments.

4. Try to not use weaknesses against the person on purpose.

5. My personal favourite: Don't even bother. 
Chances are if you're arguing with a female, you might as well apoloise & get over it. We're always right. 
(It's human nature, really.)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, ya filthy animals!

Happy Valentine's Day, ya filthy animals!

A day filled with soppy cards, unnecessary amounts of flowers which will die within a few days, and disgusting amount of chocolate. But when did this day of 'love' become so commercialized and... cheesy?

Now, don't get me wrong, I HATE cheesy things...but there is something special, I think, about Valentine's Day. Is it due to everyone (except those without any sense of emotion obviously) putting things aside to focus truly on the ones they love, whether it being parents, children, friends or partners, I think it's sweet. I know I'm constantly busy and I'll put my hand up to say I don't always give my boyfriend 100% of my attention, but when you work part-time, go to uni full time, have a big circle of friends and have acquired an internet-shopping's hard to focus on just one thing. (Sorry Blair, I love you really..)

The thought of cancelling all my plans to go out for a stupidly expensive dinner and buy a cringe-y card, actually excites me on February 14th...Why? Because it's all for love. All together now...AWWWWWW (gag). Girls have such high expectations of relationships nowadays, of what they want the guy to be or what they want them to do for them; more than the actual feelings involved. With rom-coms exploding over our cinema screens, and John Green making an appearance on every girl's tumblr page (Okay? Okay...see, I'm only human too)... it's starting to look like people 'fall' in love because they like the idea of it, more than they love the person.

So is that why we need such an 'in-your-face' holiday, where everything is commercialized? Where girls cannot receive a gift, say thank you and put it on/use it/whatever, without that vital step in-between of instagraming it? Do we need to be constantly reminded that you're in this relationship for the guy, not for the John-Green/Nicholas Sparks 'wannabe' feelings? 

Court Verdict? Guilty as charged.

Lets face it, we've all compared our relationships at one point to a cute movie (see, look, we ARE just like Allie & Noah) and yes, while certain things may hold resemblance, shouldn't we be looking to create our own 'fairy tale'? One with a guy who is...sorry to break everyone's heart....REAL. So yes, all you cynics out there can moan 'oh valentine's day is cheesy or pointless', but for all us out there who at one point have tried to grasp at any hope of having a P.S I love you relationship...leave us be.

Maybe it's good to compare our feelings, and maybe it's perfectly healthy to wish sometimes our guys would say cute things (However, if Blair ever said to me, 'I wrote you 365 letters' (the notebook) I'd laugh in his face and say 'why didn't you just text me') just as long as we appreciate what we have. That's the point of this post, that everyone should look past all the commercialized stuff, all the cheesy stuff and all the fake stuff. Just look at who you're sharing today with (like I said, parents, friends, children or partners) and appreciate them. In a world that's consumed by all this crap, it's nice to be loved and appreciated, when no-one ever has the time.