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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Emotions Which Every PLL Fan Can Relate To.

Who's A?!
Am I A?!
Who isn't A?!
Who is Charles?!

All Pretty Little Liars fans will understand the frustration of being promised answers and never receiving them. Five seasons on and WE STILL HAVE NO CLUE... 

1. How shady is Jenna? She defos has something to do with it all.
Who tried to drown her? Why did she want Garret to hit Ali with the hockey stick? She's got some explaining to do....

2. Actually, no wonder she hates the liars. THEY FREAKING BLINDED HER.
Awww yeah, remember that's how the all become official 'Liars'. I'd hate them for that too. Poor Jenna.

3. Mona's a genius. She may be crazy, but she's a genius.
She can keep tracks on a dead girl, make the liar's lives a misery AND ace school?! Jeez, I'm lucky if I can keep my netflix addiction and get my work done on time. You go, Mona.

4. Omg. Hanna & Caleb <3 <3 <3
Best couple ever! Remember when Caleb told Hanna's evil step-sister she had back fat?. Yep, he's a keeper.

5. I'm so in love with a fictional character it's disturbing.
Hanna's so lucky. Like Spencer said, they should bottle him and sell it as aftershave: Essence of best boyfriend.

6. Ew- Ezra Fitz. The classic definition of a creep. Yes, he may be hot but he STILL knew what age Aria was when he tried to win her over in Season 1.
No wonder Byron & Ella had their doubts....

7. Speaking of Aria, she's one shady biatch.
 If I were Hannah, Spencer or Emily I would NOT be trusting her, that's for sure. Why is she always looking in a mirror? And what's up with that pig puppet?

8. Seriously, she actually kills someone and A doesn't even care?!
 Maybe she's on the A-team.... Mona, after all, did call her Big A in Season 1... 

9. Toby either needs a haircut or is bald half the time.
Also remember his do-rag in the flashback scene? Watch out viewers, rapper Toby is about.

10. Remember Eddie Lamb?! Noel Khan?! Ian?! Sydney?! I wonder what happened to them all....
Marlene what's with all these characters and the fact they disappear after two episodes?!

11. The police department in Rosewood is shocking. You should  be ashamed of yourselves guys!
Yep, I'm looking at you Holden/Tanner/Holbrook. Get yourself together! I mean who mis-identifies a body several times.

12. Still don't understand why the girls are still friends with Allison. Shes SUCH a bully.
Yeah, I get that they have a history and all. But the girl is a nasty piece of work. Also, why haven't they asked her what she was doing the entire year she was missing?!

13. Why don't they're parents have any fucking clue whats going on?! 
Wake up Ella, stop caring about your creepy husband Byron, or marrying some toyboy and look after your kids for once. Also looking at you Pam Fields: moving to Hawaii and making your daughter stay in her 'dead' friend's bedroom.

14. I think it's safe to say we've all lost count over how many pll deaths there have been.
Remember that character you liked? Yep, A killed them. Bye Shana, Ian, Garrett, Maya, Wilden...

Doing some gardening again? Just carry on!

16. This show literally blows my mind. I need answers ala pronto plz
I swear Marlene King includes things in each episode JUST to confuse me.

17. Shay's acting gets on my nerves. Why is her shocked face so fake?!
Seriously. Every time. :O :O :O :O 

18. Mrs D is officially the worst mother in the world.
I mean, c'mon! Who buries alive their own daughter?!

19. CeCe. Hmmmm what your part to play....
She defos not as innocent as she makes out. Is she the one with the twin, maybe?

20. Yep. Even more confused at the end of this episode as I was at the last. Maybe Mona has a reason for being crazy...
My brain is officially fried. TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

Eve xo

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Social Media Addiction

The new ‘normal’ is for everyone to have a phone in their hand. Constantly checking our facebook messages, twitter pages and Instagram accounts has become socially acceptable. Social media provides us with a platform to keep-up-to date with the world. However, living in this technological era, many of us are obsessed with constantly checking our page to ensure we haven’t missed anything.

Facebook is a fridge:  the content within it is unsurprising – we are able to guess what is inside before we even open the door- an overflow of irrelevant posts from a list of people that, a lot of the time, we barely know. Although we could quite easily pick up the phone to our friends, we provide social media with the power to lure us in. Unlike an actual fridge, which contains a bright light and things to eat, social media can leave us feeling empty and, ironically, isolated from the outside world. The frantic search for Wi-Fi or 3G, in today’s society, is regarded as a perfectly reasonable concern for when we will get our next ‘fix.’ Social media allows us to communicate but when can we finally say enough is enough, and honestly admit: We are addicted to social media.

Statistic show that 1.35 billion people use Facebook monthly, over 500 million tweets are sent out a day, and Instagram holds around 150 million users. This means that around 20% of the world’s population check their social media page on a regular basis, and although visiting monthly does not mean you are addicted, the numbers highlight that social media upholds a prominent role in our lives. In a recent survey ‘Social Media Addiction’ (2015) everyone that participated admitted to checking social media “daily”, if not, “hourly” and claimed to use it for: “socialising, keeping in contact with friends and just generally keeping up to date with the world.” However, in follow up interviews with the participants Hannah, 19, when asked if she felt the need to constantly check social media said: “Yeah - all the time. In case I have ‘missed’ something. Sounds silly, maybe it's an excuse but I really to like seeing what's happening in the world and in everyone's lives.” Erin, 27, similarly said: “Yes, it’s the only way to feel connected in the world.”  This highlights the pressures of social media to keep up in today’s world:  a world which only functions when we play our lives through the medium of an instant messaging app.

Despite social media being presented as a past time for the younger generation, this does not seem to be the case anymore. In the same conduct of interviews, Blair, 19, said that: “It used to be that adults couldn't navigate a computer to save themselves, but now this is not the case.” It appears now that it is no longer just teenagers who are glued to their phones. Take a look around- from older people sending an invite to play a game on Facebook or even a small child playing an IPad whilst waiting for their dinner in a restaurant- we are all obsessed. Tamir and Mitchell (2012) found in ‘Disclosing information about the self’ that 80% of all submissions to social media sites consist of posts about a person’s personal experiences. These intimate details which we showcase online serve to prove to our followers how interesting we are. In a recent interview with people aged 16 to 24- on the subject of whether the life they portray online is accurate- Russell, 19, believes that social media, “can make people seem more interesting than they really are because they only choose to highlight certain parts of their life.” If we look at individual apps themselves, Instagram for example provides us with the tools at the touch of our fingertips to manually alter our images in order to make them more appealing to our followers. Either to make the image more flattering or to gain more ‘likes’, we all choose to filter life. Our intrinsic drive to share ourselves with others overpowers the notion of privacy in this social-media-driven world. We use our Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts or private blogs to self-promote; we purposefully go out our way to select only things which we value as interesting to go on these pages. Like Tamir and Mitchell (2012) studied in their article, social media hands us power to show others an insight to our lives however, as we continue to portray a refined life, this becomes a very unrealistic insight.

However, we have not created this egotistical attitude ourselves. The problem lies within the social media sites that encourage us to ‘filter’ not only our pictures, but our lives. For example, Pinterest’s (whose target audience is woman, at 82% of their online traffic) aim is to provide inspiration to everyday life. The site boasts quick and easy tutorials that many try to emulate. Yet, with this idea as a basis for a social media site, audiences can tend to feel that their life does not match up to the one presented online to them.  Everything online, once we erase the boring parts, edit the lighting and provide a funny caption to go alongside it, appears more interesting. We, as a society, subconsciously compare our own lives to those we follow online. We constantly check our Facebook pages for the fear of missing out on a piece of information, or refresh our Twitter looking for an update on a celebrity’s life. Whether we admit it or not, social media plays not only a major part in our lives, but also a major factor in how we shape and present them to others.

It is easy to see that the world are relying on a concept which realistically cannot be seen, heard or touched; a concept where we literally put our lives in its hands. Despite social media effectively serving its role of allowing people to freely communicate and keep in touch, it has almost come to the stage where we may have to create a ‘Social Media Anonymous Group. ’ As a society we need to realise that social media plays a big a part in our lives, especially when it concerns what and how we present certain elements online. Over 60% of those who participated in the ‘Social Media Addiction’ (2015) survey admitted that they were addicted to social media as it was, “something they couldn’t live without.” The other 40% continue to live in denial.


Eve xo

Thursday, 28 May 2015

21 Thoughts When Going to the Cinema

Ahh, orange wednesdays how we miss you...

1. BUZZING to see this new movie.

2. Okay, I need a seat up the back. I hate it when people kick my seat- good thing they assign seats now. None of this 'first come first served basis' (which really meant every-man-for-themselves-to-fight-over-the-best-seat-basis)

*goes up to buy tickets*

3. What is this? A freaking questionaire?! Since when did cinemas have VIP seating...

4. Just a sweet popcorn and diet coke is all I want.

5. Maybe a bag of m&ms. Ooh, and I could upgrade my diet coke to an ice-blast. YUM.

6. Whaaaat?! £1,37589439201 for this?! 

7. You need to take out a bloody mortgage to go to the cinema nowadays. This movie better be good, considering I might need to sell my kidney now to afford it.

8. I didn't want to buy the actual movie, since when were cinema tickets more than £5.

9. Omg. I sound like my mum.

10. Right, c'mon get over it already. Gonna go find my seat.

11. Did it always feel this scary trying to find a seat? 

12. Oh wait, I need to find MY seat without tripping, falling, dropping my food, generally just making a scene.

13. Wow, these VIP seats were well worth it. 

14. The trailers are DEFOS my favourite bit.

15. dun dun dun dundun.... love the movie start up song.

16. Does this human giraffe HAVE to sit in front of me?!

17. Ooo, didn't know she was in it. 

18. This movie is actually about me. I am  looking for my soul mate in this horrible, materialistic world. Nicholas Spark, you speak to me. Wish I brought some tissues. 

19. Oh for god sake, this woman NEEDS to stop crying and get over herself already. Like who even lives this sort of life?!

20. This movie is brilliant. Honestly, the characters feel so real.

21. * Leaves cinema and refuses to check bank balance *

Eve xo

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Monday, 25 May 2015

26 Thoughts Normal People Have Whilst At The Gym

We've all done it: put our gym gear on, fastened up our neon trainers and said to ourselves 'let's do this.' Well, according to any sport advert anyway (I'm looking at you Nike.... no-one looks that great after a run, lets be honest.) 

For me exercise goes more like this-

1. I'm SUUUPER motivated to go to this class

2. Crap, this class looks busy. Hope no-one judges me for how utterly unfit I am and the fact my gym clothes don't look as fancy as everyone else's *curse you asda george range and your £6 sport leggings*

3. Right, let's just do this. Everyone's got to start somewhere right? And who knows- maybe I'll become of they athletic junkies who just gets addicted to exercise?

4. Maybe not.

5. Okay, we're all going in. There's no going back now. Why does this feel like I'm entering the hunger games?

6. OOOOO I love that girl's trainers! Maybe I could ask her where she got them. Or is that weird considering everyone else looks in the zone to be doing exercise and I'm only concerned about peach-coloured trainers...

7. Fuck sake it's freezing in here. Does my sky-high membership price not cover heating, no?

8. The instructor looks scary. Is it too late to back out of this....

9. Oh my god, just man up and do it. It's only an hour, I can do this.

10. Here we go. Into the arena I go, goodbye district 12. (Y'know if I WAS actually Katniss, with a bow and arrow and all that jazz ... )

11. Feeling SUPER pumped.


13. *face, arms, back, legs, entire body, everything sweating* IS THIS NORMAL? DOES EVERYONE SWEAT THIS MUCH?

14. Maybe I should go get that seen about.

15. Squats. Squats. All dem squats.

16. Yep, we're running. I can do this, this is enjoyable.

17. Well y'know, the first two times were.

18. Fuck sake it's roasting in here. Does my sky-high membership price not cover air-con, no?

19. Sit ups are literally the work of the devil. Why does it feel like my stomach is on FIRE?!

20. Finally! The warm down track.

21. I'm so good at stretching, maybe I should join Yoga...

22. DO NOT look in the mirror. Yoga may not be an option anymore as I now know what I look like when my arse is in the air.

23. The instructor is smiling at me. This can mean one of two things: either she feels sorry for me and my scarlett face OR I've just aced that class and she clearly thinks her and I are on the same fitness levels.

24. Yep, defos the second one. I am a fitness goddess- might even have a green tea when I get home.

25.  *gets into car* cries at how stiff body feels.

26. repeats the process.

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