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Thursday, 28 May 2015

21 Thoughts When Going to the Cinema

Ahh, orange wednesdays how we miss you...

1. BUZZING to see this new movie.

2. Okay, I need a seat up the back. I hate it when people kick my seat- good thing they assign seats now. None of this 'first come first served basis' (which really meant every-man-for-themselves-to-fight-over-the-best-seat-basis)

*goes up to buy tickets*

3. What is this? A freaking questionaire?! Since when did cinemas have VIP seating...

4. Just a sweet popcorn and diet coke is all I want.

5. Maybe a bag of m&ms. Ooh, and I could upgrade my diet coke to an ice-blast. YUM.

6. Whaaaat?! £1,37589439201 for this?! 

7. You need to take out a bloody mortgage to go to the cinema nowadays. This movie better be good, considering I might need to sell my kidney now to afford it.

8. I didn't want to buy the actual movie, since when were cinema tickets more than £5.

9. Omg. I sound like my mum.

10. Right, c'mon get over it already. Gonna go find my seat.

11. Did it always feel this scary trying to find a seat? 

12. Oh wait, I need to find MY seat without tripping, falling, dropping my food, generally just making a scene.

13. Wow, these VIP seats were well worth it. 

14. The trailers are DEFOS my favourite bit.

15. dun dun dun dundun.... love the movie start up song.

16. Does this human giraffe HAVE to sit in front of me?!

17. Ooo, didn't know she was in it. 

18. This movie is actually about me. I am  looking for my soul mate in this horrible, materialistic world. Nicholas Spark, you speak to me. Wish I brought some tissues. 

19. Oh for god sake, this woman NEEDS to stop crying and get over herself already. Like who even lives this sort of life?!

20. This movie is brilliant. Honestly, the characters feel so real.

21. * Leaves cinema and refuses to check bank balance *

Eve xo

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