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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Emotions Which Every PLL Fan Can Relate To.

Who's A?!
Am I A?!
Who isn't A?!
Who is Charles?!

All Pretty Little Liars fans will understand the frustration of being promised answers and never receiving them. Five seasons on and WE STILL HAVE NO CLUE... 

1. How shady is Jenna? She defos has something to do with it all.
Who tried to drown her? Why did she want Garret to hit Ali with the hockey stick? She's got some explaining to do....

2. Actually, no wonder she hates the liars. THEY FREAKING BLINDED HER.
Awww yeah, remember that's how the all become official 'Liars'. I'd hate them for that too. Poor Jenna.

3. Mona's a genius. She may be crazy, but she's a genius.
She can keep tracks on a dead girl, make the liar's lives a misery AND ace school?! Jeez, I'm lucky if I can keep my netflix addiction and get my work done on time. You go, Mona.

4. Omg. Hanna & Caleb <3 <3 <3
Best couple ever! Remember when Caleb told Hanna's evil step-sister she had back fat?. Yep, he's a keeper.

5. I'm so in love with a fictional character it's disturbing.
Hanna's so lucky. Like Spencer said, they should bottle him and sell it as aftershave: Essence of best boyfriend.

6. Ew- Ezra Fitz. The classic definition of a creep. Yes, he may be hot but he STILL knew what age Aria was when he tried to win her over in Season 1.
No wonder Byron & Ella had their doubts....

7. Speaking of Aria, she's one shady biatch.
 If I were Hannah, Spencer or Emily I would NOT be trusting her, that's for sure. Why is she always looking in a mirror? And what's up with that pig puppet?

8. Seriously, she actually kills someone and A doesn't even care?!
 Maybe she's on the A-team.... Mona, after all, did call her Big A in Season 1... 

9. Toby either needs a haircut or is bald half the time.
Also remember his do-rag in the flashback scene? Watch out viewers, rapper Toby is about.

10. Remember Eddie Lamb?! Noel Khan?! Ian?! Sydney?! I wonder what happened to them all....
Marlene what's with all these characters and the fact they disappear after two episodes?!

11. The police department in Rosewood is shocking. You should  be ashamed of yourselves guys!
Yep, I'm looking at you Holden/Tanner/Holbrook. Get yourself together! I mean who mis-identifies a body several times.

12. Still don't understand why the girls are still friends with Allison. Shes SUCH a bully.
Yeah, I get that they have a history and all. But the girl is a nasty piece of work. Also, why haven't they asked her what she was doing the entire year she was missing?!

13. Why don't they're parents have any fucking clue whats going on?! 
Wake up Ella, stop caring about your creepy husband Byron, or marrying some toyboy and look after your kids for once. Also looking at you Pam Fields: moving to Hawaii and making your daughter stay in her 'dead' friend's bedroom.

14. I think it's safe to say we've all lost count over how many pll deaths there have been.
Remember that character you liked? Yep, A killed them. Bye Shana, Ian, Garrett, Maya, Wilden...

Doing some gardening again? Just carry on!

16. This show literally blows my mind. I need answers ala pronto plz
I swear Marlene King includes things in each episode JUST to confuse me.

17. Shay's acting gets on my nerves. Why is her shocked face so fake?!
Seriously. Every time. :O :O :O :O 

18. Mrs D is officially the worst mother in the world.
I mean, c'mon! Who buries alive their own daughter?!

19. CeCe. Hmmmm what your part to play....
She defos not as innocent as she makes out. Is she the one with the twin, maybe?

20. Yep. Even more confused at the end of this episode as I was at the last. Maybe Mona has a reason for being crazy...
My brain is officially fried. TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

Eve xo

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