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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June: My Month in Pictures.

Although we didn't get the summer weather we were promised, it hasn't stopped me from bringing in my uni summer holidays!
June has been a pretty hectic (and amazing!) month. Here is my month in pictures:

(for more pictures, check out my instagram account! from silly selfies to pretty views:

This was at the beginning of June!
With a rare day that both my boyfriend & I were off work, we decided to take advantage of a great 5pm deal: 2 courses & a glass of wine for £11 at Glasgow's Hillhead Bookclub. Then, since the sun was shining for an hour, we decided to walk along Ashton Lane (situated in Glasgow's West End) to a beer garden called Brel. It was a great day & amazing to spend some quality tine with my guy, away from all the uni & work stress.

However, our day had to be cut short because of a button that popped off my dress. Since I didn't want to expose myself to half of Glasgow, we decided to go to the nearest Tesco & buy a bottle of (cheap) Prosecco to take home & watch netflix with.

Right now I'm loooooving Parks & Rec! It's such a hilarious show. 
If you haven't already watched it, I really recommend you do. It is one of they shows you can easily sit for hours and binge-watch.
My favourite kind!

These pictures were taken in Bristol & Cardiff- my trip of the month!
I won't bore you with the details of it all again (see my post here:
But they both really are amazing cities, with great night-life & surrounded by culture.
P.s the 1D concert was pretty great too!

It was also my best friends birthday this month!
Obvi, we dranks loads and loads of prosecco and ate far too much. But the amount we danced on her night out, I'm sure we lost all the extra calories.
Happy Birthday, Banana!

This photo was taken from a BBQ I had with some great friends!
We did it Scottish-style: who cares about the rain, we sat outside.
Who doesn't love great chat, burgers & some cider?

Okay, this isn't a recent picture- it was taken on my trip to NYC. But, the caption about it is relevant!
I posted this to celebrate Father's Day. (Again, check out my post on this:

Girl's night & cocktail making!
This was taken at the weekend when my friend & I decided to make lots of yummy cocktails.
Our favourite was called: Vodka Sunrise. It contains:

  • Vodka
  • Lime juice
  • Raspberry cordial
  • Orange juice
So simple to make!

Having been such an amazing month, July has a lot to contend with! Although, I'm super excited for my next holiday: Amsterdam. I go 2 weeks on today, I can't wait!

Eve xo
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Tattoo ideas!

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo- just something simple but still a bit of ink, nonetheless!

Here are some of my ideas; let me know what you guys think:

My favourite is the quotation marks: for me it means something. I study English & have always had a passion for reading. When I was looking for some ideas for a tattoo, a quote describing this type of one really made me think! It was something along the lines of - a blank quotation mark to allow you to create your own story in between.

BUT. I'm a little scared of pain.

So, anyone with tattoos (or without- how do you feel about the pain?)- can you give me a little advice on how to stop thinking of the pain when I'm getting it done? Or, is it even as sore as they make it out to be?


Eve xo

Saturday, 27 June 2015

16 Ways Working In Customer Service Prepared You For Life

Customer service must be thee most trying job: working with the public is not a thing to envy! 

Customer Service has taught us:

1. How to smile whilst secretly wanting to murder a person.
Seriously, we'd do time for people who complain about anything & everything.

2. How to multi-task.
Why is it when you've been asked to do something by your manager, co-worker and the stock room, does a customer demand you do yet another thing? Suuuure, i'll just use my 4 arms to get that for you!

3. Just how many stupid people there really are in life and that there is no way to avoid it.
Surely the sign that says 'No receipt, no exchange' would be speak for itself? Not for the general public it doesn't. Morons.

4. How to be patient.
Cool, it's not like I've just spend 2 hours of my life creating that window display. Sure, just pull something off that mannequin. S'all good.

5. That the only way to get rid of some people is to give them what they want. (Usually it is cringey Dads trying to pass the time while their daughters are shopping).
Ha ha ha I haven't heard that joke 27 times already today.

6. To breath through our mouths.
Seriously, do some customers not understand the concept of personal hygiene? Ewwwww.

7. That the only way to avoid an awkward situation is to laugh.
An old woman buying xxxxL pants? Just get over it, and move on. Take one for the team!

8. How to be excited for the world's most average sandwich.
Seriously, those 10 minutes alone on your break, away from people, should be treasured. Enjoy every mouthful of that boring lunch- you deserve it!

9. To pretend you've heard what a person has said and try to reply with an appropriate answer.
After the 8th time of asking 'what?' it is easier to just pretend, and go along with the story.

11. That people can just be plain mean/rude for no apparent reason.
Believe me, the customer is not always right.

12. That the queue to some peace and quiet is the phrase: "Let me check in the back for you," or "If you could just hold the line for one moment..."
It keeps us all sane in these troublesome times.

13. That your work-friends are angels in disguise.
Most of the time, the only reason you are able to survive a shift is down to the laughs and gossip that these people provide.

14. How to do a 5 minute task in an hour, and how to do a 1 hour task in 5 minutes.
You need that top in another size, just wait right there *takes ageees*. But the minute you're told your shift is finished, your superpower speed just somehow manages to break through.

15. How to grow thicker skin.
Just let the 95th insult about how useless you are, roll right off your back. No biggie.

16. Most importantly: to remember to be the world's best customer.
Don't do to them, what they do to you. Fold that shit & put it back!

Eve xo

Friday, 26 June 2015

A List of Things That Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

There are some things in life, even if you've had a horrible day, that just put you in a good mood:

A freshly changed bed

A dress that fits like a glove

A cuddle from your mum/dad

A new episode of your fave TV show uploaded on Netflix

A good laugh with your friends

A nice glass of Prosecco with a fresh strawberry

A cup of tea and a great book

A warm bubble bath

A smile from a stranger

A compliment from your SO

Eve xo

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Why Growing Up Shows You Who Your Real Friends Are

"You're not 19 forever, pull yourself togetherrrr"

This year I turn 20, and I know it isn't a huge deal or anything but I can't help worry if this means my childhood days are officially over. Does this mean I have to start making conscious life decisions now? 

Over the past few years, I've started to realise which kind of friends you need in your life, and which ones you don't. No two friends are the same, and luckily for me I have some great ones surrounding me in life. My best friend & I have known each other since Nursery age (around 3 years old) and most of my other friends I met through school & uni. But as we grow up and experience different things in life, it allows us to see who is truly there for us in a time of need. Whether that time of need be something emotional, or just wanting a drunken chat at 3am. 

I mostly see my best friend at least once a week (and btw, she's moving to America for 4 months so be prepared for some needy posts in that time!) and my other girlfriends & I try to make a conscious effort to see each other as much as possible. Trying to fit in days/nights out around busy uni & work schedules is very difficult. I'm very lucky to have these ladies in my life: from boy trouble to family issues, they've always been there for me. Yes, we have a small group of just us 4 but it works out so much better that way- no drama, unwanted bitchiness and it equals trust.

When I started uni (not that I found it difficult as such) I didn't really make that many friends. It worried me a little, seeing everyone's blog posts about just how amazing uni was and how much they loved it. Truth is? Uni is ok. It is not the be all and end all of life. Thankfully, the more I progressed through uni I have made some amazing friends! But if it hadn't been for my great friends at home, I would have struggled, and I'm a pretty friendly/open person. 

Growing up allows you to *in the words of Pheobe Buffay* "phase people out". Although, I haven't been able to do this to some people I still hang around with, leaving school showed me who was there for the long run. I'm the kind of friend who will insist you text the minute you get home from a night out, or who will cancel an event to come see you just to make sure you're ok. I like that characteristic about myself: I'm a loyal & dependable friend. 

I've learned that throughout life, you'll come across many types of friends:

1. The one who will be there no matter what.

2. The one who will make you laugh until you pee yourself.

3. The one with the greatest advice in the world.

4. The one who only contacts you if they need something.

5. The one who hates the same people as you do.

6. The one who you always seem to get drunk with.

7. The one who is nice on the surface but issues back-handed compliments.

8. The one who is your complete and utter soul mate. Aww.

Eve xo

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Any Holiday Suggestions?

Hey everyone!

So, it is my boyfriend & I's anniversary in September (we've been together for 5 years- honestly where does the time go?!) and we're hoping to get away for 1 or 2 nights.

Preferably in the UK since we don't have may holidays left to take from work.
As you can see from previous post, my boyfriend is my best friend and I'm a really lucky girl to have found him. We're pretty out-going people and are up for going anywhere, which might seem easy enough, but we're finding it hard to choose a place to visit!

If you guys have any ideas, please feel free to comment. We like to wander about, visit exciting places, and most importantly eat & drink ha ha.

Thank you lovelies!

Eve xo

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Things to do in Glasgow this summer!

I'm not being biased or anything, but Glasgow really is one of the best cities around. If you look past our  supposed 'threatening' demeanor and the fact we talk  in a language that doesn't make sense, with words we concoct ourselves; Scotland's crazy city will embrace you as one of its own!

Yes, we definitely don't get the best of weather, but what we lack in sunshine we make up for in great company! Whether you live near it, or far away, take yourself to Glasgow during the summer & you may just love it as much as the locals do.

Here are some things you should visit:

1. Kelvingrove Park.


Ok, so it isn't quite Central Park, or even close to Vondelpark, but Glasgow's answer to having some 'grass in the city centre' promises a good time with a lovely view. A short walk from the subway station you'll find a place away from chaotic Sauchiehall street, with a place for a picnic and to just chill with some friends.

2. Visit the Art Gallery.

This was renovated not that long ago & it's pretty damn interesting! Long gone are the days where an art gallery was looking at some boring pictures... This one has a huuuge elephant and lots of floating heads. Seriously, what more could you want?

3. Visit the Botanic Gardens.

Another west-end gem, this garden-lover's place to visit will suit everyone! From pretty flowers to butterflies flying around it really is one of the best ways to spend a sunny day...
Y'know one of the rare ones that we get, anyway.

4. Take a trip to the West End and window shop for vintage clothing!

Who doesn't love a good shopping trip? Although we offer Sauchiehall Street, Buchannan Street (& Galleries), Argyle Street aaand St Enoch Centre for all our high-street favourites. A quick 5 min subway ride will take you to the west end, which will supply you with one-of-a-kind finds! If you love quirky prints and vintage style dresses, Glasgow's west end is your place.

5. Go to Merchant City and soak up some culture.

This part of Glasgow is the best place to go at the weekend! From live bands and cocktail bars, to some of the most amazing restaurants you'll find. Always bustling with a variety of people, you'll never feel out of place or bored here in Glasgow. Oh, and it is stunning at night with all the fairy lights.

6. Take yourself to one of Glasgow's many beer gardens.

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a beer garden? Come rain, hail or shine, Glaswegians will take their pint outside to enjoy the summer. Ours usually come with a patio heater aswell, just incase its 'baltic'.

7. Go see a show in one of Glasgow's beautiful theaters.

With plenty of venues to choose from: The King's Theatre, The Pavillion or The Theatre Royal, Glasgow always offers a brilliant show. And you know what they say- Glasgow crowds are always the best!

8. Visit the Transport Museum.

At any age, everyone will love here! From old cars and buses to an actual replica of an old street in Glasgow, the transport museum is a great day out. (Also, it is indoors. Just incase of any rain that we may experience...)

9. Go on the best (and one of the cheapest) nights out!

Glasgow offers a brilliant student night-life (especially on Thursdays & Fridays!) Visit a bar on Sauchiehall street called Firewater and you can bag yourself a Vodka (+ mixer) for 89p. Yes, eight nine pence.

Or y'know you want to check out the life of a Glasgow girl, see my Instagram pics:
Eve xo

None of these images are my own.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Fashion Wishlist 22.06.15

A few bits & bobs that I'm eye-ing up!

Here are my 6 must have items for this week:

Khaki shirt dress: River Island
I've cheated a little with this one, as I bought it the other day. It's not so much on my wish-list but I love it and had been searching for it for agessss.

White playsuit: Topshop
This I can imagine with gold accessories, looking all Serena-ish (GG)... Y'know if Blake Lively was an actual human and not an angel...

Fringed tee- Topshop
This top with a pair of denim shorts & over-sized sunglasses= festival fashion at its finest!

Midi skirt- Asos
I am completely in love with the colour of this skirt!

Lace up shoes- New Look
Lace up style shoes are so in right now, and for only £24.99 I think these look amazing!

Cold shoulder dress- Missguided

 This is the perfect day-time dress for walking about a city break holiday.

Eve xo

None of these pictures are my own.