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Friday, 19 June 2015

15 Thoughts Every Girl Has in a Shop Changing Room

For some it is an enjoyable experience, whilst others it is a dreaded nightmare. It can be a battle between finding the perfect dress or squeezing into that dress...

1. Excitement comes as you approach the changing room. There is literally one person between you and the place you're going to try on your fab new clothes!

2. What do you mean I can only take 6 items in at a time?! Bitch, plz...

3. So much anger coz you had to leave behind a jumpsuit, 6 dresses aaand the flowery skirt. The world is just so unfair.

4. Secretly hating the shop assistant, even though they didn't make the rules. Who comes shopping to only pick up under 6 items, for gods sake?

5. *checks the price tag of items* OH. Maybe that's why.

6. Time to be a model!

7. Ewww, the lighting in here makes me feel sick. Were my thighs always that jiggly?!

8. Literally gonna sue the store for making my body image reflect in a negative light.

9. OMG. This dress was made for me *twirls like Cinderella*. Why have I ever worn any other clothes before? This is the one for me.

10. £80?! Are you having a fucking laugh? *cries*

11. Maybe I'll just get a top or something. I've been working so hard this week, I do deserve something..

12. I'm doing soooo good at saving my money. I decided not to be the £70 dress that would look amazing on me, and instead am buying the £38 top. Yup, logic.

13. Why are changing rooms so loud? Is it a full family outing now when someone goes shopping? Get me out of here now, I hate people.

14. Now I remember WHY I shop online- makes life so much easier!

15. OOOO a shiny bag with my new stuff online. *Ahhhh, butterflies in my stomach!*

Eve xo


  1. haha amazing post! I totally laughed! amazing blog!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much, glad you liked it! :D
      Eve xo