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Saturday, 27 June 2015

16 Ways Working In Customer Service Prepared You For Life

Customer service must be thee most trying job: working with the public is not a thing to envy! 

Customer Service has taught us:

1. How to smile whilst secretly wanting to murder a person.
Seriously, we'd do time for people who complain about anything & everything.

2. How to multi-task.
Why is it when you've been asked to do something by your manager, co-worker and the stock room, does a customer demand you do yet another thing? Suuuure, i'll just use my 4 arms to get that for you!

3. Just how many stupid people there really are in life and that there is no way to avoid it.
Surely the sign that says 'No receipt, no exchange' would be speak for itself? Not for the general public it doesn't. Morons.

4. How to be patient.
Cool, it's not like I've just spend 2 hours of my life creating that window display. Sure, just pull something off that mannequin. S'all good.

5. That the only way to get rid of some people is to give them what they want. (Usually it is cringey Dads trying to pass the time while their daughters are shopping).
Ha ha ha I haven't heard that joke 27 times already today.

6. To breath through our mouths.
Seriously, do some customers not understand the concept of personal hygiene? Ewwwww.

7. That the only way to avoid an awkward situation is to laugh.
An old woman buying xxxxL pants? Just get over it, and move on. Take one for the team!

8. How to be excited for the world's most average sandwich.
Seriously, those 10 minutes alone on your break, away from people, should be treasured. Enjoy every mouthful of that boring lunch- you deserve it!

9. To pretend you've heard what a person has said and try to reply with an appropriate answer.
After the 8th time of asking 'what?' it is easier to just pretend, and go along with the story.

11. That people can just be plain mean/rude for no apparent reason.
Believe me, the customer is not always right.

12. That the queue to some peace and quiet is the phrase: "Let me check in the back for you," or "If you could just hold the line for one moment..."
It keeps us all sane in these troublesome times.

13. That your work-friends are angels in disguise.
Most of the time, the only reason you are able to survive a shift is down to the laughs and gossip that these people provide.

14. How to do a 5 minute task in an hour, and how to do a 1 hour task in 5 minutes.
You need that top in another size, just wait right there *takes ageees*. But the minute you're told your shift is finished, your superpower speed just somehow manages to break through.

15. How to grow thicker skin.
Just let the 95th insult about how useless you are, roll right off your back. No biggie.

16. Most importantly: to remember to be the world's best customer.
Don't do to them, what they do to you. Fold that shit & put it back!

Eve xo


  1. Haha yes! I worked in a cafe for years which is definitely similar. I now try and be so nice to waitresses! x

    Jasmin Charlotte