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Saturday, 13 June 2015

22 Signs You've Finally Met Your Match: Pretty 52 Article

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Meeting your match feels so much more than just any other type of relationship. It means you're comfortable and fully committed; there is literally no-one else you'd rather spend your time with. Even if it only means lounging around in your pj's watching crappy TV together. *all the feels*

1. You can be your real self with him/her.
There is no need to pretend anymore. This person loves you for who you are, and is willing to look past your 14 year old emo-stage self or the fact you can recite The Notebook off by heart.

2. You can work through things in your 'own' way.
You don't need to constantly text your friend 'omg, should this be happening?' or 'is it normal for this...'. You are more than comfortable in your relationship. Yes, you may have your bad days, but as long as the good out-weighs the bad, then you always find a way to work through it.

3. You both are committed to the relationship.
Facebook stalking & that panic to see who they're texting is a thing of the past. You're comfortable that you love them, and that they love you. 

4. As long as you're together, everything is an adventure.
Simple things like cooking dinner or just going for a walk is suddenly 100 times more fun! The laughs & jokes you share over-rule any boring task.

5. You know how to make them happy
There is no longer any need to worry over if they 'like' some thing or not. It's so simple now: if you enjoy it, chances are they'll love it too, which makes birthdays/Christmas/anniversary buying sooooo much easier.

6. It's easy.
There's little drama, worry or 'I can't be bothered anymore.' As time goes on, you begin to realise how natural it feels to be with the person and that you feel at ease when they're around.

7. You both share the same sense of humour.
And loads of inside jokes that no-one understands. They honestly make you laugh like no-one else does.

8. You can't imagine life without them
Or, what's more: You don't want to. You can genuinely see a future with this person.

9. They're supportive of you.

No matter how silly, they're always there. They're you're biggest cheerleader & the person you want to celebrate every achievement with.

10. They're not only you're SO, but your partner in life.
You can honestly say you're equals & no-one wears the 'pants' in your relationship.

11. They're not afraid to tell you when you're wrong.

They don't constantly suck up to you. They'll always have your back, but if  you're wrong they'll tell you. Relationships gotta have some fiesty-ness.

12. You keep very little secrets from one another.
Honesty is key in any relationship, but this one you have literally nothing to worry about. Communication works great both ways!

13. There is a lot of *ahem* passion/chemistry between the two of you.

It doesn't matter how long you've been together months/years/decades that spark never fizzles out.

14. You miss him/her when you’re apart.
It's completely normal to feel like a physical part of you is missing.

15. Other people comment on how great you are together.
Yup, you've found your lobster.

16. Your life goals are similar.

Having a compatible life plan is important; if you feel like you don't agree on major issues then maybe it is time to re-evaluate. But once you've found your match, it feels like it all just falls into place the way it should be.

17. You don’t have to look nice for each other all the time.

Thankfully they don't care if your hair is in a messy ponytail or the fact you've been wearing the same pair of jeans for a week straight.

18. But when it is date night, boy do you go all out.


19. They know literally the world's most embarrassing thing about you. 
Remember that thing that happened that time with that person? Yep, you're perfect match knows about it and they they still fancy you. Wow.

20. You annoy the living hell out of each other.

But there is no-one else in the world you'd rather annoy than them.

21. Timing.

Even when work/uni/life is busy, you still make time for one another without it feeling like a burden.

22. As P.S I Love You said, you don't really feel complete until they're in the room.

The minute you feel like they've walked in, you can't wait to show them off to everyone.

Eve xo
I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years now & I can happily say I've met my match.


  1. Such a cute post. My husband is my match :) xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Aw thank you Emma- glad you enjoyed it!

      That's so sweet! This post was easy for me to write as it was like a checklist. Although I'm not married, we're both lucky to have found a match.

      Eve xxx

  2. But this post only made me think of one person whose boxes he all ticks. Funny, really, because I've never realized his significance till about right now. haha, I loved this post, Eve! <3

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

    1. I'm so happy that it made you think of someone special! Sometimes a list laid out in front of you can just do that. Glad you liked it :D

      Eve xo

  3. Thank you! Hahaha glad you liked it.

    Eve xo