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Thursday, 18 June 2015

25 Beauty Hacks For Lazy Girls

Let's face it, we all want those extra five minutes in bed! Here's some tips to help you still look as fabulous, without all the time & effort!

1. Concealer.
 If you cant be bothered with foundation, or you snoozed your alarm too many time- just use concealer. Sometimes coverage under our eyes is all we actually need! Going to uni/work/Asda doesn't really require you to have a full face on.

2. 2 tricks in 1.
Use your eyeliner pencil on your eyelash curler. Line it (just above the clamp) and it will not only curl your lashes but give you the perfect eyeliner!

 Use your lash curler to get the perfect eyeliner sitch.

3. Contouring.
Sometimes it isn't as hard as you think! Grab your brush and make the shape of the number 3 from the side of your forehead, into your check bones and finishing at your jaw line. Simple! Who needs the Kardashian's make-up artistry anymore?

4. Perfume.
In order to make your perfume last longer, rub Vaseline onto your pulse points. It will save you from having to re-apply.

5. Cover dem roots!
In order to make your hair looks instantly thicker and to hide your incoming roots, brush a little eye-shadow onto your parting.

6. Those dreaded little kirby grips.
If you don't want to be constantly securing your hair all day long, spray your kirby grips with hairspray before you put them in. It'll make them stay put for much longer, and requires less effort from you throughout the day.

7. Make dry shampoo your BFF.
Gone are the days of having to wash your hair everyday. This beauty will help mask your greasy roots AND add some volume. Result!

8. Keep make-up wipes next to your bed.
It not only saves you from having to get up from your cosy bed when you're all settled for the night, but saves your skin from any spots by sleeping with your make up on. No excuses now, ladies.

9. A fringe wash. That is all.
Slept in and have a really important thing to do today? Not a problem! Tie up the majority of your hair into a bun, whilst leaving your fringe down. All you have to do is wash the front part of your hair, quickly blow dry it & it honestly looks like a fresh wash. You'll thank me later!

10. Fake Tanning.
If you can't be bothered waiting for it to dry naturally, blast your skin with a blow-dryer on the cool setting.

11. Effortless waves.
If you've just washed your hair but don't have the energy to blow dry/style it, twist your hair up into a bun, and go about your daily life. When it's dry, just shake it out and voila- beach babe waves.

12. Overnight curls.
Honestly, who can really be bothered with the effort of curling your hair every morning? If it takes too much time for you, wash your hair the night before & while it is still wet put french plaits in it.

13. Quick dry nails.
Dip your just-painted nails into ice cold water in order for them to dry quicker!

14. Draw your brows in the night before.
This is my personal fave: invest in a brow gel (rather than a pencil or powder), draw them in the night before and you easily get the next day out of them. They stay on for ages with little smudge= lazy perfection.

15. Credit card trick.
In order to save stress over trying to perfectly wing your eyeliner, use a bank/credit card as a ruler!

16. Use your bra!
While you're doing the rest of  your make up, stick your eyelash curlers in your bra. It will heat them up and result in fuller and curlier lashes.

17. Nail time!
Can't be bothered having to remove your nail polish to then put it back on again for it to only get chipped in a few days? Add glitter to the bottom of your nails to disguise a grown out manicure.

18. Use a shower gel with a built in moisturiser.
A moisturising body wash will save you so much time and effort after the shower. Y'know the time where you just want to sit about in your dressing gown with a towel on your head? Yeah, exactly.

19. Conditioner is the beez-kneez.
Seriously, not only does it make your hair soft but if you use it instead of shaving gel when doing your legs. OMG, super silky J-Lo type legs. Well, maybe not the J-Lo part, but you catch my drift. Use it!

20. Eyelash extensions.
Bear with me on this one. Yes they may seem like hard work at the time, but you can get them put on professionally, they;ll last about a month aaaaand it means no mascara which equals more time in bed and less reason to put on a full face of make up as you'll feel like you're already done up.
21. Fast & easy blow dry.Blow dry your hair upside down- it is a faster method and gives lasting volume.

22. Cut down on 'hair washing days.'Washing & blow-drying your hair has got to be the biggest effort in the world. Try and tie up the days you go to the gym and the days you wash your hair- means less effort.
23. Sock Curls
Using wet hair and *clean* socks, wrap your hair up into them. When you wake up, your hair will be full of bounce and already styled for you!

24. Eyebrow threading.It retains shape and lasts a while. Means you dont have to be constantly plucking them every few days!
25. Or y'know you could just have a pyjama day, not leave the house and watch tv, where people don't actually care what you look like. Love you, netflix.

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    1. Thank you! I'll have a look :)

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  3. I love love love this post, this is so me all the way, great beauty hacks!!
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    1. Haha, thank you!! I'm the same, anything to get those extra 5 mins in the morning but still trying to look good.

      Eve xxx

  4. I'm such a lazy girl, I don't even do any of the beauty things for these hacks! Hahaha, seriously though, I don't tan or thread my brows, and I don't even use perfume! ...Should I even be called a beauty blogger? Hahaha

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. Of course you should!! These are only things I try to do to save myself time haha :)
      Eve xo