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Friday, 5 June 2015

28 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Is Going To Disneyland

"Here is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams"
Yup, I hear ya Walt!

1. You find out you're finally going to Disneyland. After all these years you start to believe that wishes really do come true.
Could be with your family/friends/other half, it doesn't matter because you're going to MEET MICKEY MOUSE!

2. You start to dream of all the character you're going to meet.
Buzz Lightyear, Ariel, Snow White, Olaf. OMG THE LIST IS ENDLESS!!

3. You convince yourself that Mr Walt Disney himself will just have to have you as one of their Disney Princesses.
Being Cinderella is totally you're calling in life.

4. The day finally arrives and you just can't contain yourself. 
Mickey Mouse hat looked out and autograph book at the ready!

5. Whether you choose to travel by Monorail or Boat the sight of the Disney Castle fills your heart with hope.
You're almost there!!!!

6. As you pass through the gates you realise that you are officially in Disneyland!
Some people cry and some people are just so excited they're paralysed with excitement...

6. The smell hits you. 
Waves of ice cream, pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, just general disneyland-ness.

7. Characters, Princesses, Villians, People in Costumes everywhere!
*doesn't know where to look*

8. OMG. I reeeealllyyyy want a disney princess costume!
Why do they only go up to age 8? Life is so unfair sometimes.

9. How does anyone find their way around here? Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland.... Ahhhh, it's all too much!
Oh, wait. There's a map. Which comes in like 70 different languages...
Might just get one of each for my souvenir box.

10. Literally cannot stop staring at the castle. One day my prince will come and get me my own, I just know it.
Oops, soz. Didn't mean to drop my glass slipper there! Here, just climb up my hair! Could you just give me a quick peck 'til I wake up, plz? I can see the fairy-tale already...

11. Super excited to go on the rides!
There's so many to choose from, they all seem so magical.

12. An hours wait?! For that?!
You've got to be kidding me.

13. Actually, the 1hr hour wait was soooo worth it.
Disneyland really is the best place in the world.

14. You realise in utter horror just how tourist-y you look.
Minnie mouse ears, a toy story t-shirt, a frozen bag, you're new disney charm bracelet that you bought in the Main Street USA Shop, along with your 4th ice cream of the day.
Awk, who cares?! You're on your holiday!

15. Splash mountain.
Whoever thought that was a kid's ride is out of their mind! A 3029209430239 is insane. *Scarred for life*

16. Take a note out of T.Swift's book and just shake it off. There's little kids coming off the ride laughing.
Pffft, wasn't even that scary. Kind of.

17. You spy your favourite character EVER off in the distance.
You run over to snap a picture with them to realise it's only kids waiting in line.

18. Do you care??
Of course not- you've waited your entire life for this moment! Move over kids, I want an autograph!

19. You're on a Disneyland-high all day.
You've just met the real *insert fave character here*

20. Wait, why does everything have to be so expensive here?
Does Disney not do student discounts, no?

21. Is that music I hear...
This is my jam! "Let it gooooo! Let it goooo! Can't hold it back anymooooore!" Queen Elsa, eat your heart out.

22. Oh my god. A parade is starting. I may just pee myself with excitement.
Is it normal for a so called 'grown-up' to be this excited?

23. Beneath the 27 layers of costume make up he's wearing, the Prince is pretty good looking.
Hello Prince Eric, down here!

24. Right, time for another ride. Hmm maybe try 'It's a small world,' it is a classic, after all.
My god, this song is annoying. I can tell this'll be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

25. I swear if one more person with a stroller/buggy runs over my foot or tries to shove me out the way again I'm going to crack.
People really need to watch where they're going.

26. I wonder if the employees are made to smile 24/7.
Like, how much would that hurt? And what happens if they break the smile? Does Mickey Mouse fire them, or does everyone stop to stare because everyone is happy in Disneyland, duh.

27. Wow, the fireworks are starting!! So freakin' excited!
So this is what truly believing means.... Tinkerbell really does fly over the castle!

28. What an amazing day. 
But man, am I tired. This whole constant excitement/happiness/general disney-ness is exhausting.

Eve xo

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