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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Airport Blues

Airports suck. Especially when you're coming home from your holidays...

Yes, they seem all exciting on the way there. All the wetherspoons wine, the sparkly duty free and the massive wh smith does seem quite exciting. But honestly when you're waiting for your plane to fly home it literally is the most boring place on the planet.

I'm currently writing this post in Bristol Airport after searching for about 20 minutes for a plug to charge my phone. I've bought a soggy yoghurt & granola pot alongside a minging coffee and an overpriced bottle of water. I'm drained and I want my bed.


It's such a horrible way to end a holiday. After all the fun & laughs, it has to end with going through security and a draining wait for a plane.

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted someone to be waiting for me at the other end. A sign with my name on it & open arms that I can run into- movie style, obvz. I'm still waiting for this, but a girl gotta dream.


Eve xo

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