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Monday, 15 June 2015

Holiday Essentials!

Next month my boyfriend & I are off to Amsterdam for a week! 

Needless to say I'm super excited. We've been together for nearly 5 years (and although we've been away on weekends away and to festivals etc) this will be our first proper holiday together. We decided to choose Amsterdam as it's somewhere we've both always wanted to go & who doesn't love a city break, right?!

I have lots of things to my Amsterdam to-do list such as: Anne Frank's house, visiting Vondelpark, sighsee-ing a couple of Museums, and a boat trip along the canal. We chose to go for a week to let us actually enjoy the holiday rather than trying to cram so much into a few days without being able to relax. We both work a lot, so it'll be great to spend some quality time just the two of us.

Here are my top 10 holiday essentials (not including passport/ tickets/ money cos y'know that's just common sense):

1. Comfy walking shoes.

Now I know I'm in dangerous territory here, in fear of sounding like a strict mum, but this has got to be an essential. Especially for city breaks, expect a lot of walking. My choice of footwear at the moment are Birkenstocks. I got a pair for Florida and I love them! I chose white leather ones as they'll go with any outfit & look quite stylish.
Asos images

Shoes that don't hurt your feet or cause any blisters will save you any hassle no matter where you go on holiday. They let you get from one place to the other fuss free.

2. A Camera

Although your phone camera may do for selfies, if you're looking for some quality images that will last a life time I'd suggest investing in a proper camera. I don't mean a fancy Nikon one or anything, but one that will last throughout the day (battery-wise) because we all know how unreliable our Iphones can be when it comes to that!

Think of not only the amazing scenery shots you'll get but the hilarious ones of you & your holiday friends! Nothing beats a good picture, let's face it.

3. A trustworthy companion.

This one is pretty important. I mean, you don't really want to travel to a foreign place to find out the person you came with would rather be hanging with someone else (i.e. that hot waiter yous met on the first day). You want someone you share similar interests with and wants what you want out of the holiday.

Now, I don't mean you have to be a controlling Cathy or anything; holidays should be about compromising, you usually get to see more of the place that way. But going with someone who's main goal is to party 24/7, while you want to get to know the culture is a huge holiday turn-off!

4. Suntan Lotion

Oh very original, Eve. As if no-one has every included that one a holiday post before...
But in a serious-ness (especially if you're going with you SO) who wants a prickly heat rash? Or a blistered back from too much sun? Or skin so hot & red you can't even touch it?

Yup, factor 20 is perfect, ladies. Cos y'know we still want a bit of colour. I tend to use Piz Bun Suntan Lotion as you can get 1 a day stuff & it agrees with my sensitive skin!

5. A good pair of sunglasses!

No, a good pair are not from Primark's finest range. Although it may be a bargain at the time (and possibly the better option if you're accident prone, like myself, and tend to sit on them/drop them down the toilet/lose then) they don't really protect our eyes. If you're going away even once a year sometimes a good investment is worth it (and, eh who knows, maybe it'll spur on that UK sun *wishes*??)

Fossil Images

I'm obsessed with anything Fossil right now. They're pieces are so classic and will go with anything! I paid around $50 for my sunglasses (about £35) so I got a good bargain on mines, but if you keep looking in the sale part of their website, something might come up. I'd recommend these sunglasses (but here's hoping I don't sit on them when I go away...)

6. A few summer dresses

These are brilliant holiday-time outfits! Wear with sandals during the day, then add heels & some jewellery for night time. They hardly take up any room in your case either, which is a bonus since all that duty free alcohol sometimes weighs it down...

7. A map or guidebook.

This will save you any awkward moments of  trying to understand the foreign accent when asking for directions, or y'know, save you from actually getting lost in a different country.

Don't follow them too closely though, sometimes getting lost makes for the best adventures!

8. Luggage scales

Oh no, fear of sounding like a mum again!
This one is a pretty nifty idea- especially for when you're ready to come home. It's deceiving how much our holiday purchases can weigh, especially on top of what we already brought with us.

You'll be able to get a pair of these travel scales from the Pound Shop or something & believe me, it is always good to have piece of mind that you won't need to sell your kidney in order to pay for extra baggage allowance.

9. Holiday Insurance is a great thing. 

Just incase you break a leg or get bitten by a shark or something.

10. Your sense of adventure.

This is the most important one! Remember, you are on holiday. This means you should have an amazing time, do things you wouldn't normally do! 

Spend money on that cocktail, go on a trip to a neighbour-ing city, jump off the boat into the ocean: just do whatever you want & have fun!

For me, creating memories make for the best holiday!

Eve xo


  1. very useful post! I always end up forgetting something! x
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Thank you! I'm the exact same, or I'm one of they 'just incase' packers haha.

      Eve xo