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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June: My Month in Pictures.

Although we didn't get the summer weather we were promised, it hasn't stopped me from bringing in my uni summer holidays!
June has been a pretty hectic (and amazing!) month. Here is my month in pictures:

(for more pictures, check out my instagram account! from silly selfies to pretty views:

This was at the beginning of June!
With a rare day that both my boyfriend & I were off work, we decided to take advantage of a great 5pm deal: 2 courses & a glass of wine for £11 at Glasgow's Hillhead Bookclub. Then, since the sun was shining for an hour, we decided to walk along Ashton Lane (situated in Glasgow's West End) to a beer garden called Brel. It was a great day & amazing to spend some quality tine with my guy, away from all the uni & work stress.

However, our day had to be cut short because of a button that popped off my dress. Since I didn't want to expose myself to half of Glasgow, we decided to go to the nearest Tesco & buy a bottle of (cheap) Prosecco to take home & watch netflix with.

Right now I'm loooooving Parks & Rec! It's such a hilarious show. 
If you haven't already watched it, I really recommend you do. It is one of they shows you can easily sit for hours and binge-watch.
My favourite kind!

These pictures were taken in Bristol & Cardiff- my trip of the month!
I won't bore you with the details of it all again (see my post here:
But they both really are amazing cities, with great night-life & surrounded by culture.
P.s the 1D concert was pretty great too!

It was also my best friends birthday this month!
Obvi, we dranks loads and loads of prosecco and ate far too much. But the amount we danced on her night out, I'm sure we lost all the extra calories.
Happy Birthday, Banana!

This photo was taken from a BBQ I had with some great friends!
We did it Scottish-style: who cares about the rain, we sat outside.
Who doesn't love great chat, burgers & some cider?

Okay, this isn't a recent picture- it was taken on my trip to NYC. But, the caption about it is relevant!
I posted this to celebrate Father's Day. (Again, check out my post on this:

Girl's night & cocktail making!
This was taken at the weekend when my friend & I decided to make lots of yummy cocktails.
Our favourite was called: Vodka Sunrise. It contains:

  • Vodka
  • Lime juice
  • Raspberry cordial
  • Orange juice
So simple to make!

Having been such an amazing month, July has a lot to contend with! Although, I'm super excited for my next holiday: Amsterdam. I go 2 weeks on today, I can't wait!

Eve xo
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