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Saturday, 6 June 2015

My Hectic Month & Becoming a Pretty 52 External Writer

Wow, what a crazy month!

Having just finished 2nd year of Uni (studying English & Journalism) I decided enough was enough and that if I was truly going to take this whole 'journalism' thing seriously, I had to do something about it. So what better way to blog, eh? Well, so I said about a year ago. But this time feels different, I actually want to blog and feel like I may just have something quite interesting to say.

Or so Pretty 52 thought anyway...
It all started with one of my recent posts 26 thoughts every woman has at a gym class, when I decided to take the plug and send it in to their website. I got a response right away telling me they loved the article & asked me if I fancied becoming an external writer for them. Result! This is the perfect opportunity for me, I believe, as I'm able to gain some writing experience for a well-known site whilst also contributing to my own blog at the same time. The girls who I've been in contact with could not be any nicer, they are so lovely! Any questions or queries I had, they responded right away. It's been a really exciting time for me to enjoy writing again, to actually write something that I want to talk about; something that interests me (and not just what a uni lecturer wants to hear).

I've also just came back from the world's most amazing holiday at Disney World in Florida. I went with my family, and although family holidays can be quite trying at times when trying to find a balance on what we each want to do, it was great. I had already been before, but it was good to experience it with other people. Definitely a memory I won't forget.

So yeah, pretty hectic. I have exciting times up a head too, with Cardiff & Bristol this weekend with my best friend, and also I've booked up to go to Amsterdam in July with my boyfriend. 

Check out my articles:

Hopefully more to follow!

Eve xo

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