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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Things to do in Glasgow this summer!

I'm not being biased or anything, but Glasgow really is one of the best cities around. If you look past our  supposed 'threatening' demeanor and the fact we talk  in a language that doesn't make sense, with words we concoct ourselves; Scotland's crazy city will embrace you as one of its own!

Yes, we definitely don't get the best of weather, but what we lack in sunshine we make up for in great company! Whether you live near it, or far away, take yourself to Glasgow during the summer & you may just love it as much as the locals do.

Here are some things you should visit:

1. Kelvingrove Park.


Ok, so it isn't quite Central Park, or even close to Vondelpark, but Glasgow's answer to having some 'grass in the city centre' promises a good time with a lovely view. A short walk from the subway station you'll find a place away from chaotic Sauchiehall street, with a place for a picnic and to just chill with some friends.

2. Visit the Art Gallery.

This was renovated not that long ago & it's pretty damn interesting! Long gone are the days where an art gallery was looking at some boring pictures... This one has a huuuge elephant and lots of floating heads. Seriously, what more could you want?

3. Visit the Botanic Gardens.

Another west-end gem, this garden-lover's place to visit will suit everyone! From pretty flowers to butterflies flying around it really is one of the best ways to spend a sunny day...
Y'know one of the rare ones that we get, anyway.

4. Take a trip to the West End and window shop for vintage clothing!

Who doesn't love a good shopping trip? Although we offer Sauchiehall Street, Buchannan Street (& Galleries), Argyle Street aaand St Enoch Centre for all our high-street favourites. A quick 5 min subway ride will take you to the west end, which will supply you with one-of-a-kind finds! If you love quirky prints and vintage style dresses, Glasgow's west end is your place.

5. Go to Merchant City and soak up some culture.

This part of Glasgow is the best place to go at the weekend! From live bands and cocktail bars, to some of the most amazing restaurants you'll find. Always bustling with a variety of people, you'll never feel out of place or bored here in Glasgow. Oh, and it is stunning at night with all the fairy lights.

6. Take yourself to one of Glasgow's many beer gardens.

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a beer garden? Come rain, hail or shine, Glaswegians will take their pint outside to enjoy the summer. Ours usually come with a patio heater aswell, just incase its 'baltic'.

7. Go see a show in one of Glasgow's beautiful theaters.

With plenty of venues to choose from: The King's Theatre, The Pavillion or The Theatre Royal, Glasgow always offers a brilliant show. And you know what they say- Glasgow crowds are always the best!

8. Visit the Transport Museum.

At any age, everyone will love here! From old cars and buses to an actual replica of an old street in Glasgow, the transport museum is a great day out. (Also, it is indoors. Just incase of any rain that we may experience...)

9. Go on the best (and one of the cheapest) nights out!

Glasgow offers a brilliant student night-life (especially on Thursdays & Fridays!) Visit a bar on Sauchiehall street called Firewater and you can bag yourself a Vodka (+ mixer) for 89p. Yes, eight nine pence.

Or y'know you want to check out the life of a Glasgow girl, see my Instagram pics:
Eve xo

None of these images are my own.

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