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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hair: Protect & Detangle

Beauty Protector's protect & detangle leave- in conditioner is the hair product we've all been looking for. Seriously.

Being a blonde I find it hard to get a product which adds shine to my hair without making it greasy. My hair is thick but sometimes lifeless; this leave in conditioner makes it glossy and bouncy.

It's suitable for all hair types & smells amazingggg. I use argan oil for my hair (which wonders absolute wonders when my hairs at that straw-like stage) but when I saw this little travel sized product, I thought I'd test it out.

Since it is a leave in conditioner, I don't think I'd use it after every wash as it might leave your hair feeling a bit heavy. Although, the product itself does make you feel like you've just stepped out of a hair advert.

For anyone who's hair needs a new lease of life (eg in between getting your roots done or needing a trim) I'd say this is your gal! It adds bounce, shine & feels your hair feeling weightless. Unlike other leave in conditioners which leave you needing to wash your hair the next day, I got about 3 days out of my hair using this. Result!


                 DURING (blow dry)


(Please excuse my fluffy love heart dressing gown)

Eve xo

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