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Monday, 27 July 2015

My Summer Holiday: Amsterdam!

I'd like to start off by apologising for pretty much neglecting my blog for over a week...but sometimes life is just too fun. Especially when you're in a stunning city with your boyfriend and wine is only 3euros. Yup, you heard right. 

I had the most amazing week in Amsterdam, spending quality time with Blair and experiencing such an interesting culture.

Day 1

Ok, so before I start telling you how wonderful everything is, let's get something straight. Early morning flights are hell. I mean yeah you get most of the day at the other end, but who likes 6 am flight?! Aaaaand that doesn't even mean you leave at 6 am. Oh no, airport rules mean you have to be there about 2 hours before. I'm just saying but, 4am starts should be illegal.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we decided to just wander and explore on the first day to get our bearings right. We stumbled upon little street markets and pretty much ate our own body weight sampling all the Dutch food!

This was Nutella flavoured frozen yoghurt!

Frites! (Chips with mayonnaise is the greatest invention in the world btw) 

This was our hotel room, which was so lovely! We stayed in Hotel Aalborg which I would totally recommend.

Day 2

On the Wednesday, we visited Anne Frank's house. We were soooo lucky that we decided to book our tickets online in advance as the queue was 3hours long! Crazy! 

For me, Anne Frank's house was the most interesting part of the trip. Growing up I think I read her diary about 10 times, I was fascinated by the strength and courage a young girl showed during such a disturbing time; when many would have given up hope, Anne didn't. It was such a surreal experience to actually stand in a room where her & her family once hid. 

After, we decided to visit the famous series of 7 bridges, and sit by a canal. It was so peaceful to sit and watch the world go by.

Day 3

This was our 'tourist day'as we visited so many places: the Amsterdam Dungeons, Madame Tussaud's and *cringes* the Sex Museum.

The Dungeons were hilarious, we could not stop laughing and screaming the whole way round. Definitely worth a visit. Oh- and this is my boyfriend in a coffin. 

Pictures from Madame Tussaud's.

Day 4

This day we hired bikes, visited the Rijiksmuseum and went to an Ice Bar.

The museum was incredible inside, we couldn't get over how huge it was and how much there was to see. Oh, and we snuck in. And by snuck in I mean we pretended we were 18 so we didn't need to pay 30euros. Poor students and all that, y'know? 
(Ps if anyone who works there is reading this I'm very sorry, but I needed that money for my cocktails at Amsterdam's Hard Rock Cafe that night.)

Our bright red bikes. Shout-out to the woman I nearly crashed into at Rembrantplein- soz about that.

Unfortunately it was faaaar to busy to get a proper picture of the Iamsterdam sign :(

At the ice bar- which was -9 degrees!!

Day 5

This day we decided to get 'out of the city' for a bit to visit Vondelpark and wow, what a stunning place.

This was an open-air theatre which had acts performing,

View of Vondelpark!

Day 6

This was on the most beautiful parts of the holiday! We picked a canal cruise in the evening because we wanted to see them all lit up, and it was honestly incredible. There are so many canals in Amsterdam, which I'm sure you can imagine, but seeing them all consecutively at night was such an experience.

Oh, and also being the book geek and tourist that I am, I made Blair visit The Fault in Our Stars bench with me. Which btw, is exactly like it is in the movie *all the feels*.

Day 7

Worst day ever... cos y'know we had to come home unfortunately.

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my Amsterdam adventures! I had the best time ever.

Eve xo


  1. I am literally in Amsterdam right now so thank you for the first-hand tips. That's funny that you snuck into the museum ha ha. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Aw I'm so jealous, it is such an amazing city! If you're looking for cheap drinks head to Rembrandtplein bars (specifically Coco's and their neighbour Cinema bar)- it's great to sit and people watch.
      Oh, and rent bikes- they were the funniest part of our whole holiday trying not to get run over ha ha!

      I hope you have the most wonderful time.

      Eve xo

  2. I went to Amsterdam a few years ago and you've just reminded me how beautiful the city is! It's not all stag do's and hookers! I totally agree with the Anne Frank house being the most interesting part of the trip! Nice post :)

    Bernie x

    1. It really is such a fascinating city! Yeah there are a few of those (esp in the red light district ha ha) but there's just so much more that Amsterdam has to offer than that. Aww that was my favourite part, it was a surreal experience.

      So glad you liked my post :D

      Eve xox