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Saturday, 11 July 2015


Pinterest: What a wonderful thing!

Seriously, why did I only just discover this a few months ago? The inspiration is endless. From beauty tips and hairstyles to bedroom decor and easy to follow recipes; it is official: I am obsessed with Pinterest.

The app is so easy to use and you can 'pin' stuff for you to read later. At the moment I only have a few boards (ha, look at me all pinterest-lingo), but the way I'm going I'll have about 30 in a week.

So far I have ones on: Amsterdam; make-up; decor; hair; love; tattoo; and life. 

 Here are some of my favourites pins so far:

1. Amsterdam

After all that canal exploring, there's no doubt you'll be hungry--here are Amsterdam's top restaurants that no traveler should miss. Photo courtesy of macenzo on Instagram.
7 Good Coffee Shops to Check Out in Amsterdam

To many tourists who indulge in Amsterdam’s nightlife, the Red Light District and its many coffee shops are often the only entertainment they might discover, besides maybe a few cheesy bars in the city’s centre.

I started this board to give me some inspo for going away next week and came across lots of different photos and articles. The buildings and canals look amazing and I cannot wait to experience the culture.

2. Decor

stairs made fun

I think this looks amazing! Being a huuuge book geek, this is defos something I'd want in my house! This is my only pin on this board cos y'know, I don't actually have my own house. But if anyone wants to buy me one, I'd totally be OK with that. Just sayin'.

3, Make-up

Holographic nailssimple makeup, green eyes. love it

Sleek Makeup for Green Eyes   

As you can see I like a dramatic eye! I like keeping my foundation clean, my lips simple and play up my eyes! Also, how cool are these holographic nails?!

4. Hair

Rose gold hair, pink hair, wella instamatics, lob, long bob, balayage, blonde, hair paintingRose gold #Regrann from @rubydevine - RAVISHING ROSE: got to take the typically lavender locks of @brandiholtby to this funky take of her beautiful baby girl's strawberry locks. Still within the permitted of keeping her fun, I used #goldwell colorance 1
eb76001be98e10a49d3ffa1e360c2170.jpg 994×1,280 pixels     What’s Next After Ombré: The Hair Color That Lasts 6 Months

My 'Hair' board is by far the biggest one I have! I love experimenting with different looks and this is a great way to find some new ones. As you can tell I took my latest hair colour from this (see post here: Rose Gold Hair) and I love it! 

5. Love

Grow old with me...the best is yet to come.         "my god," he gasped, "you're fun to kiss."

Okay, so this one is a little cheesy. But it's also kinda cute! I love pinning special quotes that I've read in a book or heard in a movie.

6. Tattoo

#quote marks #wrist #tattooTo Infinity And Beyond Tattoo | Toy Story |

I've spoke about this before, and Pinterest is exactly where I found inspiration for my first tattoo!
(See post here: Tattoo Ideas) I just love how simple these are and how delicate they look.

7. Life

EXPLORE! Amsterdam, Ireland's ancients, England's country-side & forests, Parisian life & culture, Italian food-Vatican secrets &, an audience w/ the Pope, spend a night in the Great Pyramid, trout fish-pan for gold- own a small ranch/farm in the Pacific north west, explore the Antarctic's past civilization, search for middle earth's people (fairies,etc). Travel by train and ships.      Dear Zombie Jesus: don't ever let me fall in love again. If you can pepper my mind with random witticisms instead of happiness, that'd be icing on the cake. Amen.


This is my favourite board as it really is just a bit of everything & anything.

To follow me on Pinterest (or to get any links/inspiration) click on the link to take you to my profile:

Eve xo


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you so much!
      Of course, I'll do it just now.

      Eve xo

  2. Oh my goodness! Pinterest will now take over your life!!

    I 'pin' travel photos all the time as sit at my office desk in rainy England.

    Ruth X

    1. It really has!!

      The travel ones are my favourite too, although it makes me jealous that I'm not there ha ha.

      Eve xo