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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Signs That You're Turning Into Your Mum...

Ever caught yourself saying something and thinking 'Oh my god, that's something my mum would say...'

Now, I'm not saying it's a bad thing or anything that in time we'll inevitably morph into them, but nevertheless, it still makes me cringe a little.

1. You make your friends promise that they must text you the minute they get in from a night-out.

2. You just love to sit around the house is a big fluffy robe.

3. You take a jacket with you when you go out. 
Just incase.

4. There is nothing you enjoy more than a nice glass of wine & a hot bubble bath after a long day!

5. You laugh at any girl who wears suuuuper high heels.
Yep, they'll regret that later when their feet get sore!

6. You've started to take daily vitamins.
Y'know just to cleanse your insides and all that jazz.

7. Your friends come to you for any sort of advice.

8. You've started stealing things from restaurants.
Like sugar, napkins, ketchup sachets. The lot.

9. When your neighbours blast music past 11pm you get annoyed.
It's not our fault that some of us need our sleep.

10. Your handbag is now the local pharmacy.
Paracetamol? Yep, I have plenty to go around!

11. You struggle to comprehend the latest social media trends.
Like wtf is Tinder?!

12. When you go on holiday, you write yourself a check list.
Well, someone has to be organised. Am I right??

13. You've officially used the phrase: Because I said so.

14. You get irritated when people are rude for no reason.
C'mon how much effort does it take for someone to say their please & thank you's???

15. You sneak in your own food & drinks when you go to the cinema
Who doesn't love a bargain??

16. You've started to appreciate the simple things in life more.

17. You find this the most disturbing image that your eyes have ever witnessed.

18. You cry when anything emotional comes on the screen.
Yup, even adverts.

But let's face it- when you're on a night out, you can party better than the rest of them!

Eve xo

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