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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Skin Care Routine

My skin is in one of the worst conditions it has ever been in and I honestly don't know why. I mean I'm not stressed with uni or anything, I've not been wearing make up unless I'm going somewhere with friends etc, I've been eating more healthily. But nope, my skins doing a massive ha, fuck you anyway.

I've recently started using (to help clear it up!) micellar water from Garnier's range and it does seem to be helping a bit, whilst also applying tea-tree oil to any spots I feel coming on.

What does everyone recommend for a easy & daily skin care routine?

My skin is quite sensitive, but thankfully not too greasy or too dry.

Thanks for any tips!

Eve xo

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  1. I use this micellar water and really like it, it removes all my makeup even mascara! I also swear by Origins skincare, they do great moisturisers and masks! x

    Bethan Likes