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Friday, 10 July 2015

The Stages Of A Holiday Hangover/Getting Over Your Holiday

According to Urban Dictionary a Holiday Hangover is:

The terrible feeling you get the day you have to go back to work after more than two days off due to a holiday.

And boy, don't we all know that feeling too well.... Here are the stages of the world's worst hangover:
1. Saying to yourself, "This time yesterday/two days ago/ last week I was sitting by a pool drinking cocktails."

God, why does the world have to be such a cruel place?!!!

2. All the tiredness.

It really is exhausting having to change time zone, god.

3. A holiday hangover can be similar to an alcohol induced one.

You wake up feeling disorientated, you wish you were somewhere else, all you need is some fresh air and a nice cold drink. Is this really too much to ask for?

4. The empty feeling inside you that won't go away.

Y'know the one that can only be filled with adventures, laughter and an airplane?!

5. You refuse to wear your normal clothes and spend all day pining over how it isn't warm enough here to wear that pretty holiday dress.

It's honestly like the world is against me. *Goes back to bed*

6. Similarly after a night out, you lay in bed with your friends/SO and flip through pictures of all your adventures.

Omg, look how happy we all were! How naive we all were.

7. You face the dreaded day: Going back to work.

What kind of MONSTER makes you wake up at this time?! What happened to long lies and relaxation?

8. Your thoughts are haunted by the fact you don't have another holiday planned for the foreseeable future.

Damn you lack of money!

9. You try to convince yourself that you're a bronzed goddess from all that tanning on holiday, when in reality you actually resemble something like this:

Still, it's probs better than that pasty white colour you went with though!

10. Oh well, there's really nothing else for it: