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Thursday, 23 July 2015


‘Would you call my name, as I walked on by?’

This is the epiphany of our teenage years. Everyone cares too much about what others think. Everyone has their own story, their own background yet, no one ever accepts it. The breakfast club demonstrates 5 very different people from separate social groups, who are forced to get along one day in detention. It is only at the very end do they come to realise that to get anywhere in life, you must accept everyone for who they truly are. Whether that be ‘the jock, the brain, the criminal, the princess or the basket case,' I find the idea that everyone is not what they initially seem so fascinating.

I had this idea for a post when I was sitting in Dam Square, people watching. People are so strange, but so interesting. You could be driving along and stopped at a set of traffic lights and someone is running across the road. But have we ever stopped to question WHY they are doing that? What is their STORY? I believe that every single person has a story. They have some unique fact or trait that makes them, them. No one walks around aimlessly without having a reason to do so. In life, everyone is linked. Everyone has meaning and purpose.

Some deep thoughts for us all on a Thursday afternoon!

P.s Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm trying to gather all my pictures from my holiday trip- so expect a post about that soon!

Eve xo

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