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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wish You Were Here!

Not that I've been constantly talking about it or anything, but y'know I'm gonna be in Amsterdam this week.

I haven't went AWOL or given up on blogging, I'm just on holiday. I love love love blogging, but this is my first time away with my bf and I decided that I wanted to spend time away from constantly looking at my phone & typing away. Sooooo.... An Organised Scatterbrain might seem a little neglected this week. Soz guys!

I have one post planned for when I'm away and I promise to get back on track when I'm back!(Hey, that rhymes....) This will give me time to think of some fresh ideas and collect lots of exciting pictures for future posts. So expect a huuuuge one about the Dam!

Also, while I'm away I'm taking over My Student Style's Instagram page ( so keep your eyes peeled for some pics!

So yeah....

See you later beauties, I'm off to (hopefully) sunny Amsterdam! <3

Eve xo

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