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Friday, 28 August 2015

Pretty52: 15 Most Annoying Things Your Boyfriend Does

I mean, don't get me wrong, we all love our boyfriends but there are some things that they do that can really grind our gears....

1. Forgetting plans.

Seriously how hard is it to remember that I told you 3 weeks ago about a night out?! I'm not your mum, I shouldn't have to give you constant reminders to make sure you don't forget. That's your responsibility.

2. Not knowing how to do even the simplest domestic tasks. 

See above for 'mother' comment. It's not my problem you don't know how to stick a washing on, pal.

3. Pretending to listen.

Do not get me started on this one. BANE OF MY LIFE.

4. Farting with zero shame and then continuing the conversation like nothing happened.

Of course passing wind is a completely normal human thing, but at least acknowledge it for godsake. Ain't nobody gonna be able to talk through that horrible lingering smell.

5. Touching your hair.

Especially after you've just spent an hour trying to make it look like Kylie Jenner's. Just don't touch it.

6. Looking at their phones whilst we're talking, and then having the AUDACITY to say 'What?'

Seriously guys, just listen the first time and don't be rude.

7. Having the ability to fall asleep within seconds, anywhere, anytime.

The jealously is unreal. Give me your sleeping superpowers!!!

8. Leave boxers lying on the floor.


9. Taking your food.

Sharing is caring (when it's his food; not yours) and in the words of Joey Tribbiani- 'Joey doesn't share food.'

11. Not making plans.

It would be nice every once in a while that you suggested where to go, rather than us doing all the work.

10. Bringing your friends to 'date night.'

I mean yeah it'll be a good laugh, but you won't be getting any tonight. LOL.  Just sayin'.

12. Forgetting to text/call/facebook back.

Surely by now, in the 'boyfriend-girlfriend' stage, we shouldn't have to worry if you're texting another girl or not?! Just put our minds at ease, and give us a wee text, k?


I mean I know girls can easily lose hours of their lives to instagram stalking- but how many times can you play the same game? Really?!

14. Having a moan when we're out shopping.

Surely you've realised by now, that the more you complain, the longer we'll take. It's science, really. 

15. But most importantly, being lovable enough to make us forget about all these annoying things and also for putting up with us, equally annoying, girlfriends.

(Except number 5- that's non-negotiable.)

Eve xo

Thursday, 27 August 2015

VIPXO August Advertisers

As it's coming to the end of the month (and what a busy month it has been!) I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the amazing Vipxo for choosing me as one of her 'August Advertisers.'

Being a new blogger, any opportunity to get my name out there and for people to read my work is a huge deal. So, thank you again Victoria.

If you haven't checked out Vipxo's blog, or seen the post about advertising, head over to the page at :

Eve xo

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hilton in Edinburgh

In order to celebrate our 5 year anniversary of being together, my boyfriend & I have booked up to stay at the Double Tree Hilton in Edinburgh for next month.

Since the Fringe Festival will just have finished, we knew that prices weren't going to be cheap, but thankfully (with a great deal from Expedia) we managed to get quite a bit off the original price. This month has been busy for me; with getting organised going back to uni, working, and seeing off a couple of friends who are studying abroad for the next few months- I can't wait to spend some quality time just the two of us.

Our plan is to go through on the Friday mid-morning and just go a wander around, check in to the hotel and then still have the full Saturday to explore too. Dinner and drinks are obviously on the if anyone has any recommendations please give us a shout!

Please note these images are not my own.

Eve xo

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Fave Cocktail Recipes!

Remember that thing called summer? The season where we're promised a bit of heat and maybe (if we're lucky) a tan? Nah, me neither.

I've decided to write a post to cheer us all up: A list of my favourite cocktails. Which yes- I understand- are best paired with sunshine and sand, but unless you're lucky enough to be going abroad soon, who needs an excuse to drink them?!

Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Smirnoff Marmalade Collins

Ingredients include:

50 ml Vodka
1tsp Caster Sugar
1tsp Marmalade
25ml Lemon Juice
1 Lemon Wedge
1cup Soda Water

2. Apple Bite Gold

Ingredients include:

50ml Vodka
100ml Lemonade
100ml Apple Juice
1 Lime Wedge

3. Sea Breeze

Ingredients include:

1 part Vodka
3 parts Cranberry Juice
1 part Grapefruit Juice

4. Vodka Sunset

Ingredients include:

50ml Vodka
Orange Juice
25ml Raspberry Cordial

5. Lemon Drop

Ingredients include:

50ml Vodka
50ml Lemon Juice
1 tablespoon sugar

6. Orange Blossom

Ingredients include:

50ml Gin
100ml Lemon Tonic Water
10ml Orange Juice

7. Strawberry Champagne Cocktail

Ingredients include:

6 Strawberries
2 drops Angostura Bitters
6 teaspoons Brandy
7cl bottle of Sparkling Wine/Champagne

8. French 75

Ingredients include:

20ml Gin
12,5ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
Champagne/Sparkling Wine
Lemon Twist

9. Paloma

Ingredients include:

50ml Tequila
75ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
10ml Fresh Lime Juice
1 teaspoon Vanilla Sugar

Hope you enjoy!
Eve xo

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Trying To Find A Balance In Life

It's only a month until I go back to uni to start 3rd year; y'know the start of the years that actually matter? The ones that go towards your degree.

Fair to say I'm crapping myself. The work load is not only going to get bigger, but also harder. Aaaand on top of that I have a job and a blog and a social life to keep up aswell. Life is so stressful, woe is me. Blah blah. I'm sure you're all reading this thinking 'everyone is thinking or doing the same thing, get over it.' But sometimes it is hard to find that perfect balance in life.

That balance where you're uni grades are good; where you're working sufficient amount of hours to actually be able to buy/do stuff; making sure you're meeting up with friends regularly to give yourself a break; and now, a new one for me, a blog to keep up. Don't get me wrong I love every single aspect of my life, but sometimes it does get a bit much. 

My plan for this semester (starting September 14) is to be in control. In control of my days and evenings and to make sure I prioritise. Uni will obviously come first (if it didn't, why the hell would I be there?!) and then my social life, then work and then my blog. I'm hoping - since I'm studying Journalism- that my blog may go hand-in-hand with it; that I could pass it off as actually promoting and practicing my writing...well let's hope anyway.  

When I was at school self discipline was my thing- I was always the one that studied a lot, worked hard and got the grades I needed. But thinking back on it, that was probably because I was made to do it- by teachers and parents. At uni, no one really cares if you do it or not; it's all on your own accord with no appraisal or constant encouragement. Now, I'm not saying it is a bad thing, this is what life is about. No-one is going to give you a map to life, you just have to figure it out. 

And that's fine,I know I'm more than capable of doing so....but when friends and fruity cider and netflix are calling you out, it can be a bit hard to stick your head in a book. Hopefully (since me and most of my friends are in the same boat) I'll find a way to get back on track. The 4 month summer probably doesn't help either ha ha.

Now, I'm not one for creating study timetables or anything (I live my life by lists) but I'm hoping I can get into a routine. Mondays could be work during the day, then uni stuff at night; Tuesday uni during the day and out with friends later on. Once I find a balance, I know I'll be able to feel much more in control and actually feel like I'm getting somewhere.


Eve xo

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

15 Things Only People Who Really Love Their Bed Will Understand

No matter how bad a day you've had, your bed will always be there for you. It's a relationship that will never let you down.

1. Waking up in the morning is the worst part of you day. You literally count down the hours until you're reunited with your one true love.

2. Your favourite hobby is defos netflix and napping.

3. When you wake up from this nap, it's obvious that you'll instantly need another one. It's just human nature, duh.

4. When you get home from a long day of work or uni and you can barely function, your bed is the only place you're planning on going that night. Screw all they social plans.

5. Likewise, when you're making plans you always remember where your priorities lie. Your bed.

6. You can totally relate to those that go to their bed super early at night.

7. But those  'Morning people' totally disgust you though.

8. There is no question about it, the best feeling in the world = falling into bed at the end of the day.

9. Most people live for the weekend in order to go; you can't wait to just sleep.

10. It's in everyone's best interest though that you get a quality sleep as you can get a bit cranky.

11. You've also probably saved yourself a bit of money on clothes over the years too. PJs are really all we need in life, let's face it.

12. You cannot stand it when people call you lazy. It is not lazy, it's called chilling and relaxing.

13. Buuuuuut, sometimes you do leave everything til the last minute. Just so you can squeeze in those 'extra five minutes' of sleeping time. 

14. And you've probably slept through more alarms than you'd actually like to admit. Oops.

15. But that means more sleep for you. So let's be honest, who's the real winner here?!! Exactly.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Last week my friend & I took a trip through to Edinburgh to experience the amazing fringe festival! As many of you know, my best friend (Hannah) is leaving for America to study for 4 months, so we decided to have a day just the two of us before she goes.

Edinburgh has always been my favourite UK city: from the amazing old-style buildings to the overall atmosphere of the place with friendly people. I could easily live there. 

We got the train at 10:30 and made a full day of it. We wandered around the shops for a bit on Princes Street then had a look at the stalls which are set up for people to sell their handmade goods during the festival. My favourite part though is watching all the varied street acts. There really is something for everyone in Edinburgh- from comedy acts, to dancing and singing, and loads of theatre productions.

I'm a huuuge Shakespeare fan myself, and was hinting that we should go see the all-female production of Othello, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, ha! We strolled up to the Royal Mile and watched a few more street acts until we stumbled upon an Acapella group. It was like a live Pitch Perfect, so we got ourselves tickets for that show later on.

Along with afternoon tea at Monboddo restaurant in Edinburgh's Double Tree Hilton, we went for some amazing cocktails at The Dome.

Here are some of our pictures from our great day out:

Eve xo