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Thursday, 6 August 2015

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself For Going Back to Uni After a Really Long Summer

Yup, gone are the days of binge-watching all the shows on Netflix in your pyjamas, and hello days of stressing over essays and getting up early again *sobs.* All you fellow students will know the dreaded feeling of whether that essay was due for this week or next; or how stressed you are with assignments that just seem to keep piling and piling up until that thing we call a social life is non-existent. Actually, who am I kidding, I'd pass up listening to a lecture again for the sake of a night out. It's human nature, really...

Here are a few tips (which I am going to TRY and follow) in order to get your brain back into 'working' mode:

1. Be organised.

Remember how exciting it was going back to school with brand new folders, all the gel pens in the world and a new school bag?! Why can't uni be like this? You'll find me strolling through Stirling Uni Campus with a notebook that's bent at every corner, one black bic pen to my name, and probably the same bag I've been using since Semester 1.

SO, I'm going to treat myself to some new stuff! (In the sale obv, I'm still a poor student.) Asda do loads of cute stationary and H&M always have nice bags, so to sike myself up for going back, I'm going to trick my brain into thinking it'll be rewarding. And why shouldn't it be?! We're working pretty hard after all, despite what all parents say that we get more holidays than the Queen (a famous line in my household, unfortunately.)

Pukka pad for all my lecture notes!

A place to keep my MANY bic pens now!

And a new 'school' bag- coming in at £15 from h&m, which isn't too bad!

2. Be Prepared.

Why not save yourself even more stress and money - which, let's face it, when we're back at uni there is very little to spare- and order any books you need before you go back. I'm a great one for saying 'I'll just wait until I go back just to make sure I need them,' but more often than not I do need every single one of them and usually most are out of stock because by that time everyone is trying to get a copy.

I've decided this year to order mines in advanced from Amazon (usually the cheapest option for me) to save any worry.
My reading list for my English module this semester is:

Duncan Wu, ed., Romanticism: An Anthology- Ann Radcliffe,
A Sicilian Romance
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility
Thomas Love Peacock, Nightmare Abbey
James Hogg, The Shepherd’s Calendar

I've read Sense & Sensibility before thankfully so I know what to expect!

3. Find out exactly where your classes are.

To save any embarrassment of walking in late to class, or even into the wrong class, figure out which room and building this semester's classes will be. For me, Stirling Uni is great as all buildings are on campus, but I know some of my friend's classes can be from one side of the city all the way to the other. Why not give yourself a short break in between classes to let yourself get from A to B? This'll save stress and hopefully you're make up won't be running down your face.

4. Pick your classes early.

This one is just common sense really! Not only will you get a great timetable which will allow you to have *gasps* some free time, but also first pick of the best tutors. In my first two years of uni I tried to pick different tutors each semester so I knew which one suited me best for 3rd & 4th year (the most important ones) and this time around I've penciled in my diary when enrollment starts so I can put my name on a specific list.

5. Make a list.

As you've probably gathered, I live my lift by lists! What I'm planning on doing that week; what days I'll put up a blog post; how many times I go to the gym, my life (well, to a certain extent) I like to have planned out.

And why not do the same for uni?

I could never follow a timetable, with all those boxes and following it to a certain time, just makes me more stressed that I probably was at the beginning. But if I write a list of what needs done by that week, the most important tasks being first, it lets me clear my head and tick it off as I do them.

6. Make the most of summer.

Last, but certainly not least, have the best summer ever! There is no point going back to uni and feeling like you've accomplished nothing during the break.

My goals for this summer were to spend as much time as possible with my friends; go away on holiday with my boyfriend; start a blog; and to try and go to the gym. And so far, I've pretty much ticked everything on my list. 

Eve xo

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