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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Merchant City Festival in Glasgow!

Remember that thing called summer, y'know the season that is meant to bring sunshine and less rain? Yeah, me neither. In true Scottish style, this year we've only been faced with rain, wind and very little shine.

However, it's hardly stopped me from going out and having a good time! My best friend leaves in just under 2 weeks to go study abroad in San Diego for 4 months (which I can't even begin to think about because I know I'll just start to cry over the fact that I can't speak to her 24/7 like I do just now) and I've been trying to do as many fun things as possible with her before she goes. We've planned to take a trip into the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next Tuesday and I can't wait to spend some time with just her before she goes away. 

At the weekend, me and my 3 best friends decided to have a girls night out and go to the Merchant City Festival that was happening for about a week during this so-called 'summer.' And it was GREAT. Honestly, the city was bustling and had a fantastic atmosphere. We wandered around the stalls for a while and watched some of the acts performing on the stage, but the main thing was that Glasgow just had this buzz about it.

The festival is over now, but considering how great a turn-out it had this year, I bet it'll be back again next summer! We decided to walk through Merchant Square and there was a live ceilidh going on (with participants from the audience dancing to all the classics)- it looked really fun! Since it was so busy here, we went to an Italian just outside Merchant City for dinner called Amore, which was lovely. Then we went to Arta for some drinks and a catch up afterwards.

Did anyone else visit the Merchant City Festival this year? If so, I hope you enjoyed it!

Eve xo

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