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Friday, 28 August 2015

Pretty52: 15 Most Annoying Things Your Boyfriend Does

I mean, don't get me wrong, we all love our boyfriends but there are some things that they do that can really grind our gears....

1. Forgetting plans.

Seriously how hard is it to remember that I told you 3 weeks ago about a night out?! I'm not your mum, I shouldn't have to give you constant reminders to make sure you don't forget. That's your responsibility.

2. Not knowing how to do even the simplest domestic tasks. 

See above for 'mother' comment. It's not my problem you don't know how to stick a washing on, pal.

3. Pretending to listen.

Do not get me started on this one. BANE OF MY LIFE.

4. Farting with zero shame and then continuing the conversation like nothing happened.

Of course passing wind is a completely normal human thing, but at least acknowledge it for godsake. Ain't nobody gonna be able to talk through that horrible lingering smell.

5. Touching your hair.

Especially after you've just spent an hour trying to make it look like Kylie Jenner's. Just don't touch it.

6. Looking at their phones whilst we're talking, and then having the AUDACITY to say 'What?'

Seriously guys, just listen the first time and don't be rude.

7. Having the ability to fall asleep within seconds, anywhere, anytime.

The jealously is unreal. Give me your sleeping superpowers!!!

8. Leave boxers lying on the floor.


9. Taking your food.

Sharing is caring (when it's his food; not yours) and in the words of Joey Tribbiani- 'Joey doesn't share food.'

11. Not making plans.

It would be nice every once in a while that you suggested where to go, rather than us doing all the work.

10. Bringing your friends to 'date night.'

I mean yeah it'll be a good laugh, but you won't be getting any tonight. LOL.  Just sayin'.

12. Forgetting to text/call/facebook back.

Surely by now, in the 'boyfriend-girlfriend' stage, we shouldn't have to worry if you're texting another girl or not?! Just put our minds at ease, and give us a wee text, k?


I mean I know girls can easily lose hours of their lives to instagram stalking- but how many times can you play the same game? Really?!

14. Having a moan when we're out shopping.

Surely you've realised by now, that the more you complain, the longer we'll take. It's science, really. 

15. But most importantly, being lovable enough to make us forget about all these annoying things and also for putting up with us, equally annoying, girlfriends.

(Except number 5- that's non-negotiable.)

Eve xo

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