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Friday, 4 September 2015

10 Things We All Miss About MySpace

Ahhh, let's reminisce about the good ol' days...

1. That AMAZING feeling you got when your friend put you in her top 8 friends. Yup, BEST FEELING EVER.

2. All the incredible word art GIFS, just cos they totally showed how you were feeling at the time.

3. And obviously, constructing the perfect playlist that instantly told anyone visiting your profile you were deep and really cool. 'Cos no-one can really know you listen to Sugababes in your free time.

4. The pulsing orange online now man. He was much more friendly than Smarterchild from MSN days.

5. Tom's smile when you logged in. 'Nuff said.

6. Making sure your 'About Me' bio really reflected the type of person you are.

7. Thanking people for the 'add'. "Thnx 4 the add bbz."

8. Aspiring to have the best and newest wallpaper. Cos it had to be better than all of your friends, obvz.

9. Choosing a 'mood' to let everyone online know how you were feeling. Facebook's tried to replicate this, but it'll never be the same. 

10. Seeing when someone last logged in. Myspace putting minds at ease since '03.

Eve xo

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