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Thursday, 24 September 2015

12 Things Only Hair Dye Addicts Will Understand

Dye-ing your hair is a never ending cylce: you want it an interesting colour, but then your roots start to grow in, so you dye it another colour but then the first colour starts to show through. Honestly, give a girl a break!

1. You laugh (or cry) at the prices listed at your local hair salon for full-color dye jobs.

2. It’s never the same color for longer than 24 hours. 

3. All your towels HAVE to be dark-colored.

4. You become an expert at cleaning stains.

5. Hairdressers themselves are either your best friends or your nemeses.

6. And if you have colourful hair, then people make personal remarks about your employability.

7. You have tried every conditioner in existence.

8. The struggle of finding that perfect shade .

9. But most likely just settling with what your local boots has to offer, especially when it's the week before pay day but your roots are coming in badly.

10. Getting dye all over your skin.

11. Destroying the bathroom with dye

12. But most importantly....
You gotta make sure the brows match.

Eve xo

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