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Friday, 30 October 2015

15 Halloween Costumes So Simple You Have No Excuse Not To Dress Up

Every halloween it's always the same- rushing about last minute trying to look for a costume. This list will (hopefully!) make it less stressful as there is little effort required. BONUS!

1. An ice cream cone

Literally a beige skirt, a white top and a red balloon on your head. voila!

2. Grapes.

Easy AND adorable!

3. Identity Theft.

Labels are all that is needed. And lots and lots of names.

4. Red Coat (from PLL)

Put on a coat that is red 

5. Daphne from Scooby Doo.

All you need is a purple dress & a hairband. A dog is a bonus, but not a necessity.

6. 'Netflix and Chill.'

The best one! Just put on a pair of PJs and carry a box of popcorn with you!

7. Nudist on Strike.

Wear your normal clothes and carry a piece of card that says 'On Strike.'

8. Suit up & go as James Bond.

Y'know if you have a spare tux lying around...

9. Ghost.

The classic and simple white sheet never fails, duh.

10. Minnie Mouse.

All you need is a pair of ears, which you could easily pick up from most costume shops.

11. Wally from Where's Wally?

Stripey top = costume complete. 

12. A student.

Literally throw on anything you can find that looks as if it needs a good iron.

13. Safari Explorer.

Jeans, khaki shirt & a floppy-ish hat!

14. The classic Black Cat.

Throw on a bit of halloween make up to change your face and there you have it!

15. Cow girl.

Checked shirt & your old cowboy hat that you got from all those Westlife concerts. Don't lie, we all have one.

Eve xo

Thursday, 22 October 2015

14 Things Not To Say To People In A Long Term Relationship

 A simple 'how are you both?' is enough. At the end of the day, we're happy together, and nothing you question us can change it.

1. "You're young! You need to get out there and experience what the world has to offer you." 

Aaaand why can't I see what the 'world has to offer' with my other half?

2. "People in long-term relationships are just people who are way too comfortable with each other." 

I'm sorry but I thought the whole point in being with someone was to allow you to feel yourself around them? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe chilling in your pjs, with your favourite person, watching netflix with some pizza on a Saturday night sounds HORRIFIC.

3. "Doesn't it get boring?"

Does what get boring? Laughing at private jokes? Smiling 'cos your happy? Cuddling when its freeezing outside? Yeah, all the yawns.

4. "You can't be together long-term if you don't hook up with other people first." 

Seriously?! It's not about how many partners you've had, it's whether you're with the right one just now that matters.

5. "How do you know? You've only been with one guy."

Honestly, at the end of the day and first thing in the morning the only face I want to see is his. So yeah, I'm not taking my chances.

6. "You must think about other guys all the time."

Well we're all human, I'm not going to look at a picture of Zac Efron and say 'eww he's ugly,' just because I'm in a relationship. But I'm in a comfortable (yup, there's that word again!) relationship we don't need to worry about this sort of thing.

7. "When do you think he's going to propose?"


8. "I better be invited to the wedding!"

Well since you

9. "Why did you move in so quickly/Why haven't you moved in together yet?"

Because we wanted to & it made sense/ Just because we're in a relationship doesn't mean we started shitting money.

10. "Isn't your sex life so repetitive?"

Yes, it's awful. That's why you never see a marriage last more than 5 days because that's the time limit for a couple to stop being attracted to each other, duh. *rolls eyes*

11. "Do you ever run out of things to talk about?"

No, because we can talk about how stupid other people are for questioning our relationship LOLZ.

12. "Do you get sick of each other?"

Well yes, just like you get sick of your friends sometimes. But you are allowed an hour or so apart, a relationship isn't a jail sentence y'know.

13. But then the next week ask you this... [When out at a bar/socializing alone anywhere:] "Where IS he?"

Honestly. You can't win with these types of people.

14. "Do you think it'll last ANOTHER (however many) years?"

Not that that's any of your business anyway, yes I hope he do...'cos, if you haven't guessed by now, I do sorta like him.

Eve xo

Thursday, 15 October 2015

14 Things You'll Understand If You're ALWAYS Busy

Ahhhh Dolly Parton, you wise, wise woman: 
“Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

1. There never seems to be enough time to do your own thing.

Y'know for example- SLEEP.

2. Coffee is your life saviour.

All the caffeinated goodness mmmmmm.

3. You need a good two weeks notice in order to plan something.

It's stressful never knowing if you're going to be free.

4. There’s just never enough time in the day.

Or days in a week; or months in a year.

5. And you’re always behind on the latest TV everyone’s talking about.


6. Slow people are the bain of your life

Slow walkers, slow talkers, slow typers....anything that isn't fast literally grinds your gears.

7. You've never heard of the word 'No.'

Having this strange notion of constantly needing to please people is the worst thing in the world.

8. But you are a Queen at multi-tasking.

Yup, that is true.

9. You find it impossible to switch off.

As much as you wish you could. 

10. Last minute plans give you the ULTIMATE FEAR.

HOW CAN I FIT THIS IN?! Too much stress.

11. Lateness is never an option.
End of. Tight schedules are not a thing to be laughed at.

12. A day off to you is not a day of nothing.

Not only is your diary packed with to-do lists, it is impossible for you to sit still anyway.

13. You're a perfectionist.

Even though you are constantly busy, you could never half-arse anything.

14. But despite being pretty much permanently exhausted, you find a way to power through.

Because you're just that awesome and Someone has to hold everything together.


Eve xo

Thursday, 8 October 2015

15 Weird Things You've Defo Done With Your Other Half

As much as we aim to keep the romance alive in our relationships, our weird sides eventually show through. From picking your nose in front of your partner, to popping the occasional spot....we've all done it!

1. You have had moments where you both felt like you couldn’t stand anyone else but each other for the moment.

2. You become obsessed with certain restaurants and foods for different periods of time.
3. You two have way too many inside jokes that no one else understands.

4. You have TV shows that you watch together, and if one of you were to watch it without the other you both know that may result in World War III.
5. Your snack preferences have become quite aligned.

6. You laugh at each other's farts.
7. You sing together as if it's the X Factor finals.

8. You blow air into each others mouths whilst you're kissing.
9. You have gotten obnoxiously drunk just the two of you and had an absolute blast.

10. You have done some pretty childlike things together, like build forts or make up ridiculous games.
11. You mutually dislike certain people. You agree together if someone is a pretentious ass and you’d like to avoid them like the plague.

12. You can be in a room full of people and make eye contact at the exact moment you’re both recognizing how stupid something was that someone just said.
13. You are constantly confiding in them over health concerns. They're the new Google.

14. You're not afraid to tell them when they need a mint or a scoosh of deodorant.
15. You people watch and make up stories about their lives. 

Eve xo 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

15 Awks Moments All Women Go Through On A Night Out

No matter how much we prep for a night out (our false lashes, heels at the ready and a brand new dress) we can never prevent an awkward moment. Whether it's bumping into your ex, or getting your pants caught in your skirt... we've all been there!

1. Get to the club and see someone wearing the exact same outfit as you.
And *probably* looking much better than you are in it.

2. Seeing THAT guy you kissed the last time you were out.
Well this is awkward....You meant to call him and all but you kinda 'forgot' his number

3. Asking your friend (that you haven't seen in a while) how their boyfriend is...
... Only to find out that they broke up like two days ago and are still pretty emotional about it

4. Deciding that it's a good idea to reapply your make up after 9 vodka cokes.
And then looking as if you've let your 4 year old cousin do it for you. SCREW YOU BLUSHER/BRONZER.

5. Forgetting to lock the bathroom door behind you.
'Cos again, 9 vodka cokes.

6. And, when you decide to do that jagerbomb, put your foot in it by telling that little tiny secret, your best friend made you promise not to tell.
Ooops, my bad babe.

7. Letting your body take control and bust out the world's most embarassing dance moves.

8. Burp/fart on the middle of the dance floor cos you decided to have a curry before you came out.
NOT a good combination, let me tell you.

9. Bumping into someone that you know you know, but can't actually remember their names.
*slowly slides away with no eye contact*

10. See yet ANOTHER person that you've kissed before.
And pray that this is the last one of the night.

11. Standing at the bar waiting for your drink, think someone is waving at you and yet they're not.
Oh well, another shot of vodka it is then to hide any sort of embarrassment.

12. Being forced to make small talk with someone you used to go to school with.
I didn't like you back then, and I' pretty sure I don't like you now.

13. Drunken text messaging,
'Nuff said.

14. When you lose your friends after going to the bathroom, and you're forced to dance with a group of random people.
Hey, the party can't stop now!

15. Going for food after the club, and you order the whole entire menu cos you're so so hungry and eat it in under 5 mins.
Oh, and fail to realise you have food stuck in your teeth.

Eve xo