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Thursday, 1 October 2015

15 Awks Moments All Women Go Through On A Night Out

No matter how much we prep for a night out (our false lashes, heels at the ready and a brand new dress) we can never prevent an awkward moment. Whether it's bumping into your ex, or getting your pants caught in your skirt... we've all been there!

1. Get to the club and see someone wearing the exact same outfit as you.
And *probably* looking much better than you are in it.

2. Seeing THAT guy you kissed the last time you were out.
Well this is awkward....You meant to call him and all but you kinda 'forgot' his number

3. Asking your friend (that you haven't seen in a while) how their boyfriend is...
... Only to find out that they broke up like two days ago and are still pretty emotional about it

4. Deciding that it's a good idea to reapply your make up after 9 vodka cokes.
And then looking as if you've let your 4 year old cousin do it for you. SCREW YOU BLUSHER/BRONZER.

5. Forgetting to lock the bathroom door behind you.
'Cos again, 9 vodka cokes.

6. And, when you decide to do that jagerbomb, put your foot in it by telling that little tiny secret, your best friend made you promise not to tell.
Ooops, my bad babe.

7. Letting your body take control and bust out the world's most embarassing dance moves.

8. Burp/fart on the middle of the dance floor cos you decided to have a curry before you came out.
NOT a good combination, let me tell you.

9. Bumping into someone that you know you know, but can't actually remember their names.
*slowly slides away with no eye contact*

10. See yet ANOTHER person that you've kissed before.
And pray that this is the last one of the night.

11. Standing at the bar waiting for your drink, think someone is waving at you and yet they're not.
Oh well, another shot of vodka it is then to hide any sort of embarrassment.

12. Being forced to make small talk with someone you used to go to school with.
I didn't like you back then, and I' pretty sure I don't like you now.

13. Drunken text messaging,
'Nuff said.

14. When you lose your friends after going to the bathroom, and you're forced to dance with a group of random people.
Hey, the party can't stop now!

15. Going for food after the club, and you order the whole entire menu cos you're so so hungry and eat it in under 5 mins.
Oh, and fail to realise you have food stuck in your teeth.

Eve xo

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