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Thursday, 26 November 2015

12 Lies You Tell Yourself At The Start Of Every Week

Monday morning: a place for fresh starts and new beginnings! Until you actually wake up to one, of course, and realise the harsh reality of it...Monday's are the worst.

1. I'll go to the gym.

I’m defos going to turn around my life and become a healthy goddess. Mhm.

2. I'll be in bed at a reasonable time.
Every night by 11pm. And I won't watch any Netflix. None. Not even one little episode.

3. And when I'm getting out of bed, I absolutely will not snooze my alarm because I don’t have time.

Early bird catches the worm, and all that jazz!

4. I’m going to drink more water this week.
My skin WILL be flawless, I just know it.

5. I’m not going to drink unnecessary amounts of alcohol this week.

Not even one little glass of wine. Nope.

6. I’ll tidy out my wardrobe.
It'll make my room seem much more tidier, I really need to get this in order.

7. I’m definitely not wasting my time procrastinating. Work comes first!

What exactly are you doing reading this article then?!

8. I'm going to eat so healthily from now on.
No take-aways, a packed lunch everyday. Just watch me go, world!

9. Defos not going to lie in bed at night scrolling through facebook/instagram/twitter on my phone.

I'm becoming a changed woman; social media will not define me.
10. I’m going to start writing down all my expenses and spending less money.This will save me soooooo much money in the long run! No more 2 o'clock Starbucks.

11. OK, but this time I’m serious. I’m NEVER texting her/him again.
Honestly, SUCH a waste of time.

12. But at the end of the day you’re just like eh, whatever, there’s always a next Monday.

Screw it, life is too short.

Eve xo

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