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Thursday, 19 November 2015

15 Things Only Siblings With A Big Age Gap Will Understand

You know whats the best thing ever? When you don’t have to really worry about being the oldest or youngest or even the only child as there’s a huge age gap between you and your sibling!

1. You're in totally different stages of your lives. 
Maybe you've just left high school and your sibling is just starting school Or you're pulling all-nighters in college while your older sister's having her own kids.

2. Your friends were inevitably sucked into playing with your younger sib.

The test of true friendship is playing board games with your BFF's little sibling when you really just want to talk about your crush. Well done to you if you passed ;)

3. As the younger sibling, you HATED going to sleep.
A set bed time was always the worst.

4. You can't please everyone on family holidays.

As a teenager, you're stuck on the teacup rides at Disney. As a toddler, you're dragged around to museums.

5. If you're the younger one, you could be an aunt when you're still in high school.
Yeah, kids are adorable, but HELLO being an aunt/uncle requires nappy changing. Eww.

6. But if you're older, lets not forget how shocked you were when you first found out you’d be getting a new brother or sister.

The world literally ended.

7. But now?You get really really really proud about their achievements.
8. And despite the big age gap, you still manage to fight.

Play fighting is not age restricted fyi.

9. Younger siblings are sick of hearing how mature and wise you are.
Don't forget we share the same parents, we all know how wild your uni days were.

10.…but if anyone tries to hurt your little brother and/or sister, you get really protective.

Seriously. Don't mess with the family.

11. Again if you're older,  you take a way more parental view of her than you would of a closer-in-age sibling.That doesn’t mean it won’t feel weird when you hear yourself say, “you can’t go out in that!”, though.

12. You’re also certain that your parents didn’t let you do half of what she gets away with when you were her age.

Which is sooooooo unfair. 

13. If you’re younger, you’ll end up discovering music that made you feel way cooler than your friends.Chances are you were considered mature for your age.

14. If you’re older, people will often assume your little sibling is in fact your child.

Which can obviously be embarrassing.

15. But you wouldn't trade your sibling for the world. When your parents are being super embarrassing, there's only one person you want to laugh about it with.

Eve xo

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