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Monday, 23 November 2015

Gender Pay Gap- What Is Your View?

Hi everyone!

For my journalism uni assignment I've to write a feature article & I've decided to do mines on the pay gap between men and woman.
It is not only every day woman who are experience this shocking difference; but also high profile celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, published an essay on the subject.

As of November 10th (four decades after the Equal Pay Act was put into action) on average, male company directors take home £21,000 a year more than their female co-workers.

But these are just numbers and I would love to hear about anyone's real life experience with this issue.

My article is for education purposes only & will only be viewed by myself and my lecturer, but I'm looking for some people who are willing to make this subject even more related to a wider audience. 

Whether it's an opinion, a first hand experience or another story to add to the article- I would be so grateful if you got involved/let me know how it's affected you! 

(Men and women- because I know this isn't a one sided argument!)

Thanks ☺️

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