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Saturday, 14 November 2015

#PrayforParis : This Should Not Be Happening

I do not condone violence; it is not within my nature. As the saying goes: I am a lover, not a fighter. 

The attack on Paris has broadcasted the desolate truth: the world truly is in danger.

When does one war stop and another begin? When does one political issue draw the line for the other to start? Why in this day and age do we live in fear of violent crimes and terrorism. This should not be happening.

Tonight many people have lost their lives, and at this moment we do not know for what cause. But what cause is so just, that lives can be lost over? This should not be happening.

Innocent lives. That's what these are. The people who died in Paris tonight were not soldiers signing up to protect their country, knowing what may lay ahead by risking their lives.

These people were living their average day. Going to a concert, meeting friends at a pub or catching a football game.

Let that sink in. These people were innocent in this cruel, horrific incident. People, who just like me and you, woke up this morning not knowing what lay ahead. This should not be happening.

Unknown right now what sort of attack it may be, it is hard to judge whether this could have prevented. It is hard to comprehend just how cruel a place this world in which we live in can be. It is hard to imagine that someone has the guts to pull the trigger to end another's live. This should not be happening.

Please, tonight (along with myself) make your thoughts go out to those involved & families who have lost loved ones.

This should not be happening


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