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Friday, 15 January 2016


We've all dreamed of being a Disney Princess at some point in our lives. The beautiful dresses, the flowing hair, and the handsome Prince. But let's be honest, there is a Disney Princess in us all, just fighting to come out....

1.When you tell your Gran all the mean things your Mum has ever said to you and she is 100% on your side

2. When someone tells you that you wear too much make-up

3. When the item you've been looking at for ages that was waaayyyy out of your price range FINALLY goes on sale

4. Thinking you're being quiet after coming in from a night out *makes all the noise* 

5. When you finally come off your period

6. When you and bae agree to get a Dominoes for dinner

7. That face you pull when you forget that its a 5-week month and not a 4 week month, and pay day is AGES away

8. When your phone runs out of charge and you cba going upstairs to get your charger

9. When someone gives you a compliment but you think they have a hidden agenda

10. When your Mum tells you that you're having broccoli for your dinner, and not the Chinese you were hoping for

11. When you just dgaf with anyone *shrugs off haters*

12. When you're trying to play hard to get, but he's really good looking

13. When you're having pre drinks with your friends

14. When you and your BFF are discussing another girl's attempt at contouring

15. When you face the struggle of breaking a nail

16. When you're in the club and feel like twerking

17. When the boy you like doesn't like your selfie on Instagram even though you used all the right filters

18. When the alcohol finally hits you after 8382030 Jagerbombs

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