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Monday, 4 January 2016


I've never been one for resolutions, which is quite funny considering I live my life by lists.

But this year I've decided to do something different and make some for myself. Not ridiculous ones like lose 6 stone (which, actually, considering how much prosecco I've drank & how many pigs in blankets I've ate over Christmas, it really should be at the top of my list), or a resolution like GET ENTIRE LIFE IN ORDER.

These type of resolutions, honestly, scare the crap out of me. All they do is set the new year up with fear, and probably end the year in disappointment.

For me, I've decided to try to make and stick to a bit more realistic ones. The type of things that will improve my day-to-day life, rather than that entire big whole scary picture of year.

Give me a comment below whether yours are similar, or if you can give me any tips on how to keep them!

1. Blog as much as I can

See how I didn't say *however many times a week*? My life can sometimes be quite hectic: I work 20ish hours a week, whilst studying English & Journalism (which I might change to just Journalism, hit a gal up with any advice you have on that too!) full time at Uni. I enjoy going out with friends a lot, I'm very family orientated, and spend a fair amount of my time with my boyfriend.

So, to most people, its probably an average amount of busy. But I work for my Dad (and the office is in the house) so work never really finishes for me. Not that I'm complaining, he's the best boss I could ever have, and maaaan is the pay good, but sometimes it is hard to shut off when it comes to family.

But one of my resolutions is to dedicate more time to my blog. Sometimes trying to make a living gets in the way of life, as the saying goes. For me, my ultimate goal would be to become a full time blogger working for myself, but how can I even begin to think such a goal is possible if I don't work for it?

At the moment I'm a verified writer for Pretty52 (Yay! A 2015 achievement  for me!) but I'd like to find my own niche as they call it. What makes my blog my own, my own style, my own brand.

I think if I start to plan better, this goal could definitely happen!

(I'd also love to purchase my own domain).

2. Visit as many countries as possible

I'm a huuuuge fan of holidays. I measure everything in holidays. Like that ring costs how much?! Do you know how many holidays I could get from that?!

I think it's just the excitement of visiting a different country, experiencing new cultures, and just generally wandering around with some great company by my side.

Last year I visited a lot of places- Florida & Amsterdam, to name but a few. My ultimate goals for 2016 would be somewhere in Ireland, and to go back to New York, the most magical place on earth. Just walking around NYC makes you feel like you're in a real-life movie, and I really hope I'm able to return this year.

(FYI- I turn 21 this year, and my parents have offered a little contribution & with hopefully some of my savings, this dream could happen!)

3. Get that little bit more active

2015 saw a big change for me.... I actually started to like exercise. *throws up a little*

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't doing bootcamps, hill climbing or anything of the sorts, but I did buy a gym membership. Which, on average, I probably used at least twice a week. Okay, so not a major fitness overhaul. But coming from a girl who never owned a pair of trainers until October 2014, it's not bad going.

My favourites right now are Metafit & Pilates. Metafit is tough, but it only lasts 30 minutes so it's over and done with before you can even begin to think of the netflix binge you could have been doing instead. And Pilates? Omg, it's incredible. I have a waist, and a defined one at that because of this. Who knew?!

So with a *select* few fitness interests underway, I'd like to keep it up. No crazy resolutions where I'm going to vow to start training for the Olympics, or become an instructor myself, but realistic ones.

My plan is to up my game, get back into the swing of things and find a rhythm. Try and go to around 4 classes a week, and dedicate certain week nights to a specific class. Like, I can be all 'soz guys can't do Wednesday, that's my spin class night' kinda thing.

(Oh, and I also got a fitbit for my Christmas which will allow me to keep track of this- result!)

4. Stop caring

Obviously not in a Effy Stoneham 'fuck you all' kinda way. But in a way where I can be all cool and independent, don't need your approval kinda way.

My boyfriend, on many occasion, says that I care too much what other people think, and it is true. I know this isn't going to happen overnight, and self-consciousness happens to the best of us, but theres so many quotes out there from an older generation claiming that if they could tell their younger self anything it would be to stop caring what everyone else thinks, and live life for you.

That's my plan, I'm going to stop constantly putting the short skirt towards the back of my wardrobe incase my size of my thighs puts people off their DISGUSTING kale (Yup, I said it. It tastes like shit, let's face it), or putting back an item of clothing because it's not 'in fashion just now.

There are amazing blog posts going rough right now on this subject, and I for one, are going to take their advice and just be happy.

(Because my life is pretty great. Because of the people who are already in it, not those I'm trying to please/make like me).

5. The big scary one:

What the fuck do I want to do with my life?

Ew, how adult-sounding is that question. 

But it's ok, I said I wasn't going to make life-changing resolutions, just little ones that can improve my day to day life. And that's what I'm going to do. I believe that with these other 4 resolutions, a little more planning, and talking to my loved ones around me, that my life is starting to happen.

I turned 20 this year, and had a mini mental breakdown that I was leaving my teenage with not only little to show for it; but without a plan. I'm half way through uni and in a part time job- like where do I go from here? What happens if I wake up and decide that this isn't what I want to do anymore with my life, and I'm just wasting time. Thankfully, people reassured me that my happiness and well-being is all that matters, and 20 isn't even old, so get over yourself.

But on the same hand, the whole thing kind of put it into perspective of how hard I need to work to get to where I want to be, and what I actually want to do. When I left high school I was very much English Lit orientated, and that if I couldn't become a writer, I would pursue another career dream of teaching. But now, I don't believe that's for me. My passion lies in writing for myself, not writing for a uni lecturer. I still love English, and writing for a living is what I want to do; but university has put me off. I'm not allowed to write what I believe a novel is about in an essay, all the marker (in my uni, at least) wants is an argument based on what other writer's have said. And that's not for me.

My passion lies in getting my opinion across, talking to people, writing for enjoyment. And this is where my blog comes in. I am in no doubt, how hard I have to work to get this up and running, but I hope to gain more writing experience this year. 

So in short, what I want  to do with my life is to be happy and in a job I actually like. My short-term plan is to finish 3rd year, see if I want to continue to 4th, and try and gain as much writing experience along the way. Pretty52 last year inspired me to start my blog again, so anything along the lines of that is what I'm aiming for.

(And right now, I'm entering 2016 pretty damn happy).


  1. Great goals!!! Happy New Year!! If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you, too.
      Of course I'll follow you! x