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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Making resolutions can be easy, but sticking to them is the hard part. Why not do them together , and have fun in the process!

1. Make plans

Travel plans, date plans, future plans- it doesn't matter. If you're actively doing things together it means you have something to look forward to and memories that you can make together.

2. Stop bickering over stupid things

Yes, sometimes arguing or expressing your feelings does make for a more happier relationship. But is squabbling over whose turn it is to clean the dishes, really going to make a difference? No. Pick your battles.

3. Have a no technology date

In this day and age it's hard not to keep refreshing your insta page or check who is saying what on facebook. But how nice would it be if we just shut up from that life, and actually appreciated one another?

4. Go a walk

Don't get me wrong, Netflix is really the greatest invention in the world, but it can be nice to just get out the house, go for a stroll and talk. Great idea if it's the end of the month too, and you're both completely skint.

5. Remember that your partner is your friend too

Who says Saturday night cocktails are reserved for you and your girl friends? No-one. Grab you're guy and you go sip on those French Martini's.

6. Stop taking each other for granted

No matter how comfortable you are around one another, it's nice to feel appreciated once in a while. And I don't mean extravagant gifts- a simple 'thank you' is often all that is needed.

7. If something is bothering you, say it face to face, and not over the phone

We all have a habit of chickening out of a discussion because it can be awkward, and instead decide to say it over text. This doesn't solve anything though, and the way people text can often sound much worse than what they actually mean. Do it face to face to get a genuine reaction in order to solve the problem.

8. Start saving a little

Money is the root of all evil, there really is no denying it. So start putting away a little every month so if the two of you want to go a holiday there are no arguments over where the money will come from.

9. Have a fun day just the two of you every month

It's easy to get caught up in life and feel like you don't have a second to spare. Make time for just the two of you- no families, no friends, just you two. 

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