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Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Unfortunately the Christmas & New Years period is over…. No more prosecco with lunch, opening your third box of chocolates that day, and worst of all, the thought of waking up at a reasonable hour.

I’m seriously not a morning person.

The thought of waking up before 10am honestly makes my skin crawl, unless it’s Christmas morning or I’m heading to the airport, obvz.

I go back to work tomorrow and return to uni on the 18th (so thankfully, I have a little while yet to adjust to that) but the 7:30 alarm is ready, and I can already tell I’m going to need about 119240394903 coffees just to function. 

This Christmas was amazing! I got time to catch up with my family, spend some quality time with Blair, and importantly I got to see my girls (who 2 out of 3 were living in different countries for the majority of the year) a lot. Which y’know, involved eating and drinking and dancing and laughing a lot. 

The best combination for anything really, if you ask me.

But I’ve had such a good time, I’m just not ready to go back to reality. I don’t know if it’s just me, that this Christmas holiday in particular has just rocked my motivation, but I’m still 100% up for lying around in pyjamas watching endless re-runs of the Kardashians, and then getting ready at around 3pm to go out for cocktails.

Living the high life, y’all. 

But then again, my bank balance can only take so much of this lifestyle….and I can hear my skinny jeans crying at the thought of my thighs squeezing into them again.

Seriously though, it’s probably best I’m going back to work. I need to start building up my savings account again (which took a hit after I got a new car this year) so I can begin to plan some adventures for 2016!

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