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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


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Good morning everyone!
This is my first day back to reality, and boy am I struggling. It's only 9:11am as I write this post and already I'm on my third cup of coffee *waits for caffeine buzz*. However, this morning was a little different as yesterday marked my first day of wearing (more like trying to set up and understand though) my FitBit. The little gadget is great- it tracks your steps, heart-rate, sleep, any steep inclines, your exercise. You name it, this guy has it all. At first I thought my calorie count was a little off, because supposedly I had lost like 200 calories just lying in bed when I first woke up, but the wristband & app both take into account your BMR (basal metabolic rate, for anyone like me, who would have had to google it). So yeah, anything that says I'm being active without actually being active, gets a thumbs up from me. But in all seriousness though, I think it’ll be a great thing for me to keep track of, albeit tiny, my fitness progress. I’m excited to wear it to Metafit & Pilates tonight just to see how many calories and how much it actually makes my body work. Who knows, maybe my fitness will improve, alongside my general well-being, as the tracker lets you monitor how much water you’re drinking and what you’ve ate in the day. Seeing your daily calorie intake can sometimes be quite a shock. Like yesterday I went out for coffee and my cappuccino came with a piece of tablet. So I was like better enter all this in my FitBit app. And let’s just say I’m never eating tablet again. There’s like 238423904830 calories and at least double that in sugar content in just one piece. And a gal’s got to be saving calories like that for all the prosecco. Although, the app lets you see how many calories are out aswell. So if you manage to knock out a few exercise classes here and there, then having a dessert isn’t the end of the world if you’re on a diet. See what I’m saying? Life is all about balance. (And unfortunately I’m not talking about the kind of glass-in-each-hand type of balance). I’m not going to claim that the FitBit has worked wonders for me, I’ve only been wearing it a day and a half, but so far it has made me want to move that little bit more. I’m determined to do a certain amount of steps a day and trying to make my calorie intake and out-take balance out. But then again, it is only Wednesday…and I have a full weekend to come. A weekend filled with a Dominoes probably.

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