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Friday, 8 January 2016


I've actually been pretty good so far this year with shopping in the sales. I've honestly only bought a couple of items from New Look (being a skirt, a shirt and a tea dress, with the total coming to about £25).

For me, I feel like I have more control when I internet shop, it's like my brain is able to weigh up the pros and cons, the price and the realistic thought of whether I'm actually going to wear it or not. 

When I'm shopping in store my brain sometimes goes wild. It's like 'omg I've always wanted a third faux fur coat.' I dunno why, but clothes shopping just gives me such an adrenaline rush. Ha, how sad.

But it's always that little £3.99 delivery that brings me down for online shopping. Doesn't matter if I'm about to spend £60 on Toyshop's website, a gal does not need an extra £4 added to her basket.

So, here is my current ASOS wishlist...which of course there are many items that aren't actually in the sale. Is it just me that happens to? You go sale shopping, and come back with only full priced items?

Hope you like them! (and I hope my bank balance allows a few splurges...)

ASOS Wrap Woven Playsuit in Mono Floral Print

Daisy Street Textured Slouchy Cape Jumper

Pimkie Plunge Wrap Dress

Pimkie Skinny Jean

ASOS Hand Crochet Skater Dress

ASOS Floral Print Wrap Front Tea Dress

ASOS Drape Back Jumper With Chain Detail

Glamorous Red Ghillie Heeled Pom Pom Sandals

ASOS High Neck Edwardian Mini Babydoll Dress

Missguided Utility Wrap Dress

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