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Friday, 26 February 2016

14 Things You'll Only Understand If Your Gran Is Your Best Friend

A bond with a Grandmother, or the Grandmotherly-figure in your life, is unbreakable. She tells you all the best stories of what she was doing at your age, and offers you advice on how to make the best of yourself. Without passing judgement, and always armed with sweets...she's always there for you.

1. Her house is your second home.

And you constantly drop by.

2. Actually, you probably prefer her house to your own.
There is always guaranteed good food and good company.

3. She's your favourite person to have a gossip with.

Seriously, she give you the best advice ever.

4. And keeps all your secrets.
You can be 100% yourself around her since there is no fear of her passing on the information.

5. Especially, when you need a good bitch about your Mum.

She's there to listen and not judge, after all she knows exactly how you feel.

6. She is literally the best cook in the world.
And it is always proper home-made stuff, none of those crappy microwavable meals your mum buys when she can't be bothered cooking.

7. A Gran hug is the best hug.
Usually because its followed by a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits.

8. A day out with her brings the best laughs.

There is no drama, you get to do fun things, she makes you laugh....and most likely she pays for everything, even when you offer a million times.

9. Her house is the cosiest house in all the land.
Probably because she turns the heating up full blast though.

10. She doesn’t sugar coat life truths.

She's straight up with you, if she thinks you're wrong she'll tell you. But she'll also offer advice on how to fix the situation.

11. She has the best sense of humour.
Yes, it may be a little different than yours, but her comments (esp. about other family members) make you laugh like nothing else.

12. She genuinely believes you're the smartest/most beautiful/most interesting person to ever walk the earth.

She believes in everything you do,  and tells all her friends about you.

13. She always teaches you something.
Whether its showing you how to knit, how to bake the ultimate cake, or in my case, how to cure the mother of all hangovers...she's got a trick for everything.

14. She makes you a better person.

Honestly, your main goal in life is to be half the person your Gran is. She's an inspiration, and will always be your best friend,

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