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Friday, 19 February 2016

17 Signs You Are A Twentysomething Grandma

Is there really anything better than coming home from a hard, draining day to a nice warm mug of tea? Or opening a bottle of wine as you settle down to watch a little Netflix? You're not old, honestly! You just don't see the point in all those *eye roll* youngsters staying out past 1am in a noisy, sweaty club...

1. If you have to go out, you’d rather go to a quiet pub than a club where you have to dance.

A nice comfy seat please, not an over-crowded dance floor, thank you very much.

2. If you’re gonna drink, you want it to be actually nice alcohol, and you want to have it with snacks.You'd take a Pinot Grigio over a Jagerbomb any day, let's be honest.

3. You watch a lot of TV shows about cooking or moving house.
Come Dine With Me, Cake Boss...and the best ever Great British Bake Off!

4. And probably fancy Paul Hollywood a lil bit too.

What a silver fox. Lolz.

5. When someone mentions 'movie night' you get SUPER excited.
Pyjamas, food and chilling out. BEST NIGHT EVER.

6. Tinder terrifies you.Why can't people talk face to face anymore?

7. People who don’t dress appropriately for the weather distress you.

A jacket is needed for every situation 'just incase.' Along with sun tan lotion. 

8. Comfy Shoes.'Nuff said.

9. Because there is no better feeling that NOT wearing heels (no matter how short your legs may look in that dress).In practicality, you are the real winner.

10.  If you could marry your bed, you would.

*all the comfiness*

11. A pub quiz is your idea of heaven.But finding a team who are invested in winning as you are can be tricky.

12. Sleeping late is no longer your thing, you'd rather get up early and utilise your time a bit more.

Seize the day and all that jazz!

13. You do yoga/pilates.And have your own roll away matt.

15. Your past-times may include reading and knitting.
Hey, you like to relax!

16. You're completely technologically useless.What do you mean there is ANOTHER software update?!

17. But you're also probably the friend anyone comes to when they need advice or a hug.

You're a keeper.

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