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Friday, 11 March 2016

14 Things Only People Who Go To Bed Really Early Will Understand

There really is no better feeling than a good nights sleep...Preferably one that starts at 9pm! 

Cosy pyjamas and fresh bedding is your idea of heaven!

1. As soon as you get up in the morning, you are already planning an early night.

2. You get into your pyjamas as soon as you are home for the day.

3. Actually, you would happily to go to bed straight after dinner if you could.

4. Getting an invite for a party that starts late is your idea of hell.

5. And going out late on a work night is basically out of the question.

6. You're friends know NEVER to text/call/facebook you after 10pm at night.

7. And any 'new' friends always think you’re ignoring them because you reply to all texts and calls a day late.

8. And living next door to people who stay up late is your idea of hell.

9. Because if you don’t get into bed before 10pm, you know you’re going to be a complete nightmare the next day.

10. And you know there’s nothing better than a damn good early night.

11. You would never start watching a film after 9pm. 'Cos it wouldn't finish til after 11, 

and that's just completely barbaric.

12. When you get into bed you always calculate how many hours of sleep you could get.

13. You also end up having HOURS of instagram/twitter/facebook feed to catch up on when you wake up.

14. Sleep deprivation is your personal hell. There are very few things you’re willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep for because sleep equals sanity.

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