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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

17 Times Jim & Pam From 'The Office' Gave Us Relationship Goals

Jim and Pam. These two together are arguably the best television couple to ever exist. From their inside jokes and they way they look at each other, to creating a life together and never losing their spark: they basically created #relationshipgoals.

1. They started out as best friends.

The type of friends who continually pulled the best pranks EVER on Dwight.

2. Even when Pam was dating Roy, Jim always looked out for her.

Like that time she got drunk in Chilli's at the Dundies.

3. And when he put his heart on the line and told Pam how he felt.

*All the feels*

4. When Pam fell asleep on Jim's shoulder.

And you clearly knew just how much he loved her.

5. And when they finally got together, you were insanely jealous of even the most simplest of dates.

Like the time they shared some sandwiches. 

6. When Jim joked about proposing and it was still somehow adorable.

Even though in our hearts we just wanted them to get married already.

7. Even something as simple as their first kiss was most adorable thing ever.

Even if it did take place in Dunder Mifflin.

8. Their inside jokes and shared smiles assured us that they were 100% soul mates.

Not many people can say they found their other half in a paper company.

9. And for some reason Jim's proposal at a petrol station made our hearts melt x10000 times.

The location didn't matter, it was all about the timing.

10. When things didn't exactly fit their plan, they still found a way to make it work together.

Like the time Pam found out she was pregnant with Cece, even though she wanted to get married first.

11. When their wedding didn't exactly go to plan.

But it didn't matter because Jim sorted it all & they had each other.

12. When they had that whole 'best friends' relationship going on.

They never made us doubt for a second that they would grow old together.

13. And even though Jim helped found a company in Philly, he chose to come home to be there for Pam.

Yes, distance was tough for them, but Jim made sure Pam knew she was his No 1.

14. Pam & Jim had their own special language.

Taking 'mental' memories to make sure they didn't forget the important times together.

15. And when Pam knew just how much Jim had given up in Philly to move back home to be with her.

And painted him the world's best painting to prove it.

16. The time when Jim admitted this sweetest thing ever.

And made us wish we all had a Jim in our lives.

17. But pretty much because they're the best original TV couple who never let anything come between them.

Jim & Pam forever <3

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