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Friday, 22 April 2016



Does anyone else ever feel that the sun only shines when you have exams to study for?

This has happened to me every year since high school, no joke. I'm stuck trying to cram irrelevant information into my head and the sun is splitting the sky. So, like every good student obvz I decided to take a study break.

With working half the day, and studying the other half, I was determined to make the most of these light nights and go out and do something. Last night Blair & I drove into Glasgow and went for an ice cream at Big Licks in Glasgow (because everyone knows ice cream calories don't count when you're having a 'study break') then went a wander round Kelvingrove Park.

(p.s we got a strawberry milkshake & a chocolate brownie with ice cream to share and it was amazing)

It has genuinely been years since I'd been to Kelvingrove Park, but it was so so busy and had a great atmosphere. Lots of families playing games, groups of friends having BBQs and even a group of people doing Yoga.

It was so peaceful and calming to get away from a computer and textbooks for a while and to just sit in the sun and relax with Blair for a bit.

It both made us miss Vondelpark in Amsterdam, which we visited over the summer, so we're hoping that if it stays nice over the weekend we'll visit Kelvingrove on Saturday again and make a full day of it. Because let's be honest, knowing Scotland this could be the last sun we see for a while.

Sometimes it's just nice to do nothing and sit watching the world go by. Obviously the weather made it 100x better, but it was a great night away from uni & work.

Plus, as you can see from the pictures, Kelvingrove was looking beautiful!

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