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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


First of all, bookmark this post for when you're having a really long day, or you've got to a point in the week where you just have to relax for a bit.

Maybe your card has just been declined; your period has unexpectedly arrived a day early while you were wearing your good pants; or you've just spotted how your make up really looks after an 8 hour shift.

Yep, save this ingredient list for 'those' types of days.

Once you've found the perfect temperature (not too hot, not too cold- Goldilocks' style)- grab  the fluffiest dressing gown known to man, and follow Pretty52's dream list to the perfect, relaxing bath....

Candles & Bubble Bath

Obviously, a bath can't exist without a MOUNTAIN of bubbles- it's the best part. Pour a generous amount into your bath and watch it fill up. Infant- just pour that whole bottle in, you deserve it gal!

Also: light all 'dem candles. Don't worry about wasting them or anything, because this is all about 'you' time just now. 

Get all the cute scented ones out (a personal favourite being 'Fluffy Towels' by Yankee Candle because it just smells so fresh!) and light them up and let them flicker away as you relax in your bubble bath.


A little bit of Ed Sheehan of James Bay on in the background will help rid yourself of any negativity and stress.

Music on in the background will help clear your mind and relax of any worries.

Maybe even through in a few Little Mix or Beyonce numbers, because girl power and all that jazz. This will make you feel suuuper motivated & empowered!

Grab a good book

Either take one off your shelf that you've been meaning to read for ages, or get stuck into the new 'Gone Girl' type thriller that everyone is talking about. Or maybe even a girlie read that you can just get lost in without thinking too much.

Whatever your preference is, a book is the perfect companion to any relaxing bath.

Stick your phone to one side for an hour or so ('cos for one thing, there is the complete fear that you might actually drop it in the water) and get stuck into a good story.

Bath Bomb

Because OBVIOUSLY, it makes your bath looks amazing.

Lush has tonnes to choose from; so pick your favourite colour and watch them fizz away in the water. It not only looks great, but helps revitalise your skin at the same time.

Think of the colours and the glitter and the fizz.... Just basically fill it with anything that shines with unicorns, rainbows and happiness.


Bubbles help evaporate all the bad things in life according to academic findings. (Well, not really but we wish we could get Prosecco on tap for our own homes because that is the ULTIMATE dream <3 )

Yes, it may not be as good for you as a green tea, but hey, one glass won't hurt. So to help you relax, pour a little glass of bubbles.

Face Mask

Shove your hair up in the highest bun imaginable so it is out your face, and put enough on your face that you look like Mrs Doubtfire in the scene when she sticks her head in cake. Lather it on, and let it soak into your skin.

Put on a 'lil face mask, sip on your glass of prosecco and pretend you're actually on a holiday with some sun, sea and sand!

(If only....)

Wash & Relax

It is rare that a good bath doesn't go hand-in-hand with Soap and Glory!

The brand describes themselves as 'A Fun, Fresh, Fearless, Fantastic British Beauty Brand' - which is exactly what it is & the reason you need to include them as an ingredient to the perfect bubble bath.

Their new shower jellies (with Pretty52's faves being Lemon & Original Pink) smell INCREDIBLE!

Lather up the jelly-like texture to create a gentle lather. 

Yes, the name might say 'shower' but these are the perfect for any soothing bath; because let's be real here, a bath is much more pampering than a shower.

Fresh PJs

After you've moisturised (to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth) treat yourself by putting your fave PJs on when you come out the bath.

You'll feel so cosy and relaxed and a little snug bug that it'll make you tackle the next day so so much easier.

The perfect bath will help revitalise you, and set you up for a great night's sleep.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the Soap & Glory products on behalf of Pretty52, but all shower jelly thoughts are my own.

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