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Sunday, 24 April 2016


Although weather proves otherwise, spring time has arrived!

Ditch your roll necks and chunky scarves (actually, maybe don't put them to the back of your wardrobe just yet, incase those April showers return) and follow Pretty52's easy peasy steps to make the most of these upcoming months.

We're not going to suggest making insane changes like going on a carb free diet - because let's be honest, who can really give up bread or chips for more than three days? - or invest in a hefty gym membership. Instead, these simple life changes can be helpful for putting you in a better mood; feeling more awake; and in general become a more sparkly version of YOU!

Revitalise your skin

We're talking hair masks, face masks, skins masks (if that's even a thing) - but honestly just think of it as a body cleanse. Winter has gone, get rid of all that dead skin *eww*, shave your legs and put on lots of gorgeous smelling moisturiser to get ready for spring time.

Water is also super important for your skin and helping it feel refreshed. Something as simple as carrying a bottle of water with you every time you leave the house can help detox all those wintery blues away!

This will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and ready for anything.

Have an email inbox cleanse

Include an 'inbox cleanse' into your spring detox.

It consists of unsubscribing from junk email and reminders that you no longer want; along with archiving important ones that include attachments you may need again.

This will make life x100 times easier as you won't feel as overwhelmed with your 25,346 (and counting!) unread emails.

Change up your make up

Your make up has a 'best before date' for a reason, and with all those germs harbouring in things such as our mascaras, now is the time for a clear out.

Go through your collection and throw out those foundations, lip glosses and eyeshadows you've had hiding for years. Doing this not only de-clutters your make up bag, but is also really good for your skin.

With throwing out your unwanted & out-of-date items.... you now you have room to treat yourself.

Take up a calming exercise like yoga or pilates

Okay, so one that's probably on every single detox list. But there is a reason for it: yoga, pilates and tai chai is so good for both your body and mind.

It allows you to focus on your breathing, clear any negative thoughts you have and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Plus, you don't reallllyyy need to leave the house to do it- Youtube has loads of amazing tutorials that allow you to do it anywhere that you have a clear space.

Create your own 'happy place' at home to express yourself

Instead of yet another night in on the sofa watching Netflix (although there's nothing wrong with that, we've all got some Kimmy Schmidt to binge-watch!) allow the lighter and sunnier nights to motivate you.

Find a corner in your bedroom, de-clutter out all the rubbish & pretend you're some fancy Instagramer who gets paid for her work. Lay out all the things that make you happy- cute prints & quotes are our favourites!

It makes you feel x1000 times happier in the morning to get up and start your daily routine in your 'happy place'.

Clear out all those unwanted photos on your phone to create some more memory for new ones

How annoying is it when your phone tells you that you can't take anymore pictures because your memory is full, and then you have to go onto Snapchat to take and save it?! 

To start fresh and create new memories, go through your camera roll and narrow down what you want to keep. Delete those multiple selfies you took in order to get the best one, and those funny screenshots that you've already sent your friends about a million times.

Spring is all about fresh starts.

Create a list of things you really should do but keep putting off

You know all those things you think of when you're lying in bed at night? And you say to yourself 'that's the first thing I'm going to do in the morning', but never really get round to it?

Make a list of all those pesky little things because they add up over time. Before you know it, it's not just a doctors appointment you need to make, but also a dentist check up, and oh, there is your reminder in to get your eyes tested AND a letter in asking you to donate blood.

It'll help you clear your mind and feel much more in control.

Boost your energy

Step away from the energy drinks! With all the recent studies showing just how much sugar is in one can, it is time to shake things up a bit. There are so many easy recipes online that are really simple to do at home.

Here at Pretty52 we love our smoothies. It's such a healthy and easy fix for mornings when you're in a rush, or as a simple way to incorporate your 5-a-day into your diet.

Plus, they come in amazing colours and provide many a Instagram opportunity!

Plan a date with friends you haven't seen in ages & catch up with them

This one is important for your social life & well-being.

We all have those amazing friends where you can go months without seeing each other, but still somehow pick up from where you left off next time you see them. End the little changes in your life with some positivity and excitement!

Create more time in your life for these people- the type of friends that are always there for you and cause little drama.

Create a playlist for those days you need to conquer the world

If you have Spotify create a brand-new playlist with some feel good songs, or if you don't take yourself to Youtube to find some songs which make you feel all happy inside.

Unfortunately, Adele does not come under this category (save her for when you've had a bad day and need a 'lil cry) but there are so many feel good songs out there.

If you listen to your ultimate playlist in the morning, it will make you feel like you can take on anything that day! 

Start a diary/journal and become more organised

If you're anything like us: constantly busy & on the go, you need something to keep your life in order.

Why not invest in a super cute journal or diary to note down upcoming important dates so you don't forget them? It's easy enough to put it into your phone, but there is just something about having a diary and writing it out. You'll feel like a proper business-woman and have your life in order.

Take yourself away from the busy city and experience the country side

Those lighter nights that we mentioned are well and truly here- make the most of it and get some sunshine (if it ever comes!) and fresh air.

This will help detox your mind & body from constantly having the heating on during those cold winter nights.

Start planning

Whether it be a day trip or a full blown holiday, it's always good to have something to look forward to. Go with your boy/girlfriend, best friend, your mum, or even yourself and plan your next journey. 

When you're planning your next adventure, why not sort out your finances too to allow yourself a budget to plan on? Two jobs in one here!

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